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Bionicle Retelling is Here!





Beginning of the intro comments copied from the review topic's firstpost:


The Bionicle is the bio-chronicle, the records and legends of life of the Agori alien species and its various subspecies, and primarily the artificial sapient lifeforms known as Matoran and the other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. One of the most important themes in the official Bionicle story is destiny. And such is the stuff of this story. I have sought to tell a brand new story with new mysteries, and yet blend this with a complete retelling of the canon story, chronologically from a point before the Core War.


As always, any comments, questions, constructive criticism, and favorite details you want to mention in a review would be appreciated. I'd be especially interested to hear theories about the non-canon mysteries I've included. Please note, this story is entirely a standalone, unrelated to my other fan fiction, so there is absolutely no need to read any of my other stories first.


Recommended Comments

Now just for that Proto Theory we've all been hearing about, and that I want to get my head around before fully finishing my Anatomy Theory. Since this is the start, I believe a shall add it to my cycle of things to read as weeks go by (mainly webcomics)

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I wouldn't recommend actually printing it (it's long :P), but yes. I haven't actually tested the comments in PDF format, but I will release one, as well as a word processing version (Word format, though I'm writing it in Open Office Writer, a freeware version).

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