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It Ain't Easy Being Breezies



Almost time for another episode! I wonder what fear Fluttershy will overcome this time?


This "Don't Mine at Night" song is really, really annoying


New episode time is upon us!


Oh, Pinkie Pie. Great way to start any episode






Commercial time is upon us!


So, anyone tried out that Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition game?


Now that's what I'm talking about! -Rainbow Dash




lol Rarity


Swarming leaf gobblers!


Poor Spike


Great one, Spike


... Commercial?


Oh my gosh this Hideaway Pets commercial


It's time to pony up! -Rainbow Dash




Sounds like they're talking is in reverse


I don't really like them


She almost killed one


That thing is annoying


Throw 'em out


Aaaaand commercial time


J-Animals? I'm so done...


Wear you J-Animals to the mall, you can have a ball? WHAT IS THIS


WOO HOO! - Pinkie Pie


The Doctor had is 3d glasses! So don't say anything about this show having no fanservice... Again...


I get it now! The Breezies portal... The Doctor's glasses... The Void...


Another key to that box?


Oh my goodness their wings look weird


No... Just no...


Why was a spell like that in the Princesses' castle?


Now they're going to be covered in Void stuff


Scootaloo Breezy


How unpleasant


Okay, I... Didn't like this one. I'm guessing since it's a Fluttershy one, it will be heralded by bronies everywhere as one of the greatest episodes of the season. This sums up my thought on it:



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