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Favorite Mega-Pokemon?



I love Mega-Kanga, mostly because Kanga has always been a badbutt 'mon and the fact that the Mega-Stone seems to be evolving the "baby" Kanga and not the adult Kanga is just awesome.


Honorable mentions to Mega-Banette (so cool looking) and both the Mega-'Zards (getting a little love after all these years).


Which is your favorite Mega and why?


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I like Mega Ampharos with its luscious locks. It's a pity that it only amounts to a less-powerful Zekrom in terms of its in-game potential.


The only Mega Evolution I've ended up using in my Pokémon game is Mega Blastoise, who is also cool-looking but not revolutionary.

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Mewtwo Y for sure. Mega Baziken is the only one I've used extensively, though- it's not a huge improvement on regular speed boost Blaziken, but it does look great and pack a punch.

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Mega Mawile. Mawile is one of my favorite Pokemon to begin with, and the Mega looks amazing and is entirely usable to boot. It's also nice to see Mawile get some attention considering how little it's gotten over the years.

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