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Desiring Five High Fives



Hanging out with 55555 today and tomorrow! There's a small LEGO display going on called Scouting for Bricks in Leesburg, VA, where AFOLs (and kids) display the MOCs and the money from the public visiting fee supports the local boy scout troop putting it on! I was pleasantly surprised to see Fivey was there and made me realize I really should have coordinated with him to see if he was going to a local thing.




We've been having some fun (like going to Free Comic Book Day during lunch), not to mention displaying the only quality Bionicle MOCs there.


Of course, I couldn't leave BZP out:


(Not to mention my BZP staff shirt!)


Haven't seen Fivey since BrickCon. I should hang out with local BZPers more often.


If you're in the NOVA area and want to see some neat MOCs and meet some BZPers, plus support a good cause, come on by Sunday!


-CF :kakama:

(These photos were uploaded from my phone. I hadn't used the Flickr app yet, but it was useful. The filter I used for improving the lighting/colors gave it the weird curve on the edges, making me roll my eyes like one does at such phone filters.)


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Dude I'm so jealous. I really need to hang out with both you and 5s again (...come to los angeles, yeah? =P). Sounds like you guys had fun! (and it's awesome that this was the same day as free comic book day haha)

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