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Wii U Transfer



Come Friday, I will have a Wii U. I currently have a Wii with game saves and virtual console titles on it. The Wii does not read disks. I may make further efforts to fix it, but at this point it's looking pretty dismal. I would like to transfer the game saves onto the Wii U so that I can use them. We wouldn't want hundreds of hours of Super Paper Mario to go to waste, now would we?


The issue is, I want to keep my virtual console games on the Wii so I can play them with the Gamecube controller. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask just feel so good on it. I'm also not about spend however many dollars on a Wii U pro controller that isn't even preferable to the Gamecube's. It sounds like the transfer tool is all-or-nothing, all of your VC games and save files are transferred whether you like it or not. Is there a way to keep the VC games on the Wii? Can I re-download them (for free) after the transfer? Can I move them to an SD card or something and re-download them from the SD card to the Wii after transfer? What's the deal with VC game saves, are they bundled with the VC games themselves or what?


Also Minish Cap is coming out on VC, Hyrule Warriors is looking iffy but interesting, and Zelda U is scheduled to be discussed at E3. I have no regrets.

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Hmm. I don't have this experience with the wii, but on 3DS generally you can manage save settings. Redownloading games should be possible, but you would have to make sure save data is on a memory card. I'm not sure if managing saved content is possible on the wii, though I'd think it would be under settings somewhere.


Edit: http://m.wikihow.com/Edit-Nintendo-Wii-Game-Save-Data


Hope this helps. Redownloading games should be possible (it is for 3DS VC, so I don't see why it wouldn't be for wii)

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