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Fear Factory





(obviously inspired by Ry's blog entries)

Whew. My most complete CD collection. It's missing a few things like remix EPs and a video album, but I'm proud of it. The digipaks aren't as nearly bad as they look on camera.

From top to bottom:


- Soul of a New Machine (2004 re-release, original album remastered, and includes the Fear is the Mindkiller EP)

- Demanufacture (2005 re-release, original album remastered, includes extra tracks and the Remanufacture remix album)

- Obsolete (Collector's edition)

- Digimortal (Limited edition)

- Concrete

- Hatefiles

- Archetype (Limited edition, includes "Australian Tour 2004" DVD)

- Transgression

- Mechanize (Deluxe edition)

- The Industrialist (Deluxe edition)


Again, I'm pretty proud of it.

While we're on the subject of music, might as well let you know I'm on Last.FM now. Feel free to add me!

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hnnnnng I am suddenly overcome with jealousy


more impressive than my Fear Factory collection, that's for sure. I've only got the standard editions of Demanufacture, Mechanize, and The Industrialist and the collector's edition of Obsolete. then again, I don't particularly care for Digimortal, Archetype, or Transgression so I don't mind not having those.


envy the deluxe Demanufacture, Soul of a New Machine, and Concrete though.

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