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Eh, it's not easy for me to say because I didn't go to a normal college. 


I did go to a technical school and got an associate's degree in a specific field.  The school's name was actually big in the industry I work in, so that helped me get a paid externship as well as a job.  Right now I'm starting my career in the job field I prefer.


However, my case is a bit different than college life in general.  I've known others who have gone to college and ended up working at gas stations or convenience stores.  Granted, some or most of them have moved on to better positions since I've known them, but I don't know their specifics, so it's difficult to say.

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I'm in music college at the moment so already you can expect it to be different. I thought it'd be less work than it is, but on the whole it's a great experience so far. Not sure what life holds for afterwards, though. My preliminary plan is to move to a nearby city (by nearby I mean 8 hours away) and get a job in a recording studio.

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