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Kamen Rider Ryuki: End



I finished Kamen Rider Ryuki today. It was, all around, pretty great. I liked a lot of the characters (Kitaoka, mainly) it had great humor when it needed to (episode 29 is the darn greatest thing ever) and a bunch of pretty solid designs. Also that opening theme is going to be stuck in my head for the next 13 years. I do have a few complaints (Ryuga, Femme, and Verde only appearing in specials/movies, an unsatisfactory conclusion to Toujou's character arc, a messy, overlong and probably unnecessary epilogue, the fact that to be honest I still have no idea about how anything works, etc.) but mostly? Fantastic


One thing that really surprised me sometime is how much death there was. There was so much death, guys. Oh man. I wasn't ready for those last two episodes (especially not 49...) and even before that...man. And that's putting aside the probably hundreds of civilian deaths. So much despair.


Also, poor, poor Imperer. He just wanted to be happy! Aaaaaaaaaah that episode killed me.


I still need to watch Episode Final, and then i'll probably be moving onto another Kamen Rider. I'm not sure which, though. Kabuto seems to have cool designs, and apparently W is great. Maybe I'll just go in order? Who knows.


I still need Knight, Scissors, Raia, Verde and Ryuga's figmas.....soooon.....soooooooon all the Riders will be mine.....


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Yay a Rider fan to talk to here! :D


I liked Kabuto, but the titular character many find unlikable. W's kind of what caused a resurgence in popularity in the west... It is what got me interested though. Both good choices.


(I wouldn't go in order though because that means Faiz is next and although I haven't watched it yet, nothing good has been said to me about it. Likewise with Hibiki. Though Blade inbetween them isn't bad. And of course then you get to Kabuto.)


But Gaim's where it's at. Who knew a show that has people get their power from dropping fruits on their head could be so amazing.


Yeah, Ryuki... Definitely have to agree that the cop-out with Ryuga, Femme and Verde was lame. They built up the whole "thirteen Riders fighting" thing so much and then we only get 10?? Well, technically twelve thanks to the Alternatives, but they don't quite count.


My biggest problem with the show was the ending. Like you said, there was so much death and despair, yet in the end... Well, none of it seemingly mattered now. Episode 49 with Shinji was totally unexpected and would have been a great ending.

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W is great if you just want a good time. Definitely one of my favorites. It's the characters that really sell that series and it really is just plain fun. That said it is a little sad towards the end. 


Fourze is another personal favorite of mine, and is a Kamen Rider series that'll make you feel rather happy. Its main character is also awesome and adds a lot to the show. 


Gaim is somewhat similar to Ryuki and definitely has one of the strongests plots of the franchise. Plus the sheer number of riders is fun.  


OOOs and Den-O are also good series. 

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I'd recommend OOO as well.


But I'd put any of them before Fourze. That show had horrible pacing issues and a somewhat annoying supporting cast.

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If I went in order I'd probably be starting from the first Heisei show, Kuuga, though...I'm a bit more interested in Agito, if I were to go in semi-order. But yeah I guess I'll just wing it. Thanks for the recommendations, guys.


The ending for Ryuki itself didn't bother me so much--I kinda expected it since I've heard a lot of how Madoka Magica is a lot like Ryuki and Reset Button is kind of how Madoka ended too, but....the epilogue just made it drag, and it was too long and silly. They should have left it more open ended.

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