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I actually had no problem with the Heracross/Pinsir codes, but we'll see. I can see both pros and cons of the code system. Pro: keeps people with multiple games from stockpiling legendaries to use as trade fodder later, makes it so that you can download them later if you don't have your game/system on you. Con: codes probably run out quickly in extremely populous areas, code cards can be scalped on eBay (unlike wireless downloads).


I still have to preorder Omega Ruby (and I hear GameStop's giving out a sweet poster for it), so I'll be heading to GameStop within the next few months anyway. So I might as well try to pick up Diancie and Shiny Gengar as well.

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they should restrict the code events to things i don't care about, like the rocks and the shiny. things i want, like diancheese, should be some type of download.

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