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Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks (reactions)



First I just want to say, I've had numerous dreams about watching a new MLP episode, and then halfway through I remember I forgot to blog any sort of reaction. Then I'm like "Oh man, what should I do? Should I rewatch it and not let them know I forgot? Or should I tell them and just start reacting halfway through?"

Just thought that was funny. It's never happened before thankfully.


Obviously I couldn't wait for the DVD, and had to use... Other sources. Anyways, all I really want for this movie is it to not be a musical and have a good story. Despite how bad the first one was, I'm still really excited for this. So without further ado, let's get on with it!


SPOILERS AHEAD!! If you want my spoiler-free thoughts, scroll down to the tl;dr


Enter Major League Pong God: Double Rainbow


Already seen this part, lol


Dat hair...


To quote myself from the last movie, "Another one falls to the elements"


New intro time!


The visuals are interesting, but I think I like the one from the previous movie better


Uuuuuuuuuuuhn my body is ready


Seen this part too


Highschool musical lel


Poor Sunset Shimmer


Aaaaaaaaand I've already seen this part too


I'm going to keep count of the songs, and how many of them I like. So far, I've liked zero out of one (or 0/1, just to save time typing [not counting the theme song])


Their hair is waaaay too puffy




How long after the first movie is this?


I never really liked him either, Sunset




They'll play that song at the end I bet




"You're the worst" that will be a thing throughout this movie


So, the Hub pretty much gave away the whole beginning of this movie in clips


I don't like Sonata


They like to sing in the cafeteria in these movies


Yeah, I guess I like this song. So that's 1/2 (one liked out of two)




Hull? Did she call her hull?


Poor Sunset Shimmer


They're being controlled


They sang to them, now they're being controlled




Poor Sunset Shimmer


lol Fluttershy


Dat handwriting...


So they all just sit around in the castle all day?


COMMERCI- Oh, wait


Pinkie Pie, please don't start


Like all the other villains...


So they're really old


No I'm not, I'm a chicken!




"And don't forget the dresses"


Now who will come out first?


Wait, aren't there only two jokers in a deck?


Aw, didn't see who got out first


Poor Sunset Shimmer


lol Rarity


How did they make that video? Was she playing in front of a green screen?


That's going to be another thing in this movie, but it's more lulz worthy


That's me at a party by the food table






Sunset Shimmer will have something to do with beating them


Tails? More like hair extensions


They're talking about Magical Mystery Cure, right?


I remember how the last slumber party went


Rainbow Dash can't win without cheating


Must not be too hot


I smell shippers


That scene... The shippers are crawling out of the woodwork


Did that count as a song? Don't think so


It'll all be fiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeee


Dat Daft Punk reference


"You are the worst thing that happened"






The coolness has decreased


Why are Luna and Celestia letting the others do this to them?


That song was eh. 1/3


Waifu stealer is a jerk


That's a nice name


Poooooooor Sunset Shimmer


Yeah I'm saying that a bit too much


Dat animation


That song was pretty nice. 2/4


That's one way to make an exit




Rainbow begins showing her jerkiness




lol Photo Finish


You all know why Trixie is in this movie so much just as well as I do...


She dropped them in the Rancor pit!




Does that count as a song? If so, it was eh


So much use of harmonized vocals


And she isn't in the battle?


Yep, called it


All the Dazzlings songs so far have beat the main si- HOLY TRANSFORMER




Okay that Dazzlings song was good. 3/5




This is pretty good...


Aw, it was just starting to get really good


Time for Sunset to shine


Poor Spike gets left out


Did they die?


Well, that was a fail


Not quite teenage...




So... Where did Vinyl get that car?


One more song


If there's ever to be some sort of FiM spinoff based on these movies, I guess Sunset Shimmer will fill in for Twilight


Wonder what happened to the Dazzlings









tl;dr, I think it was pretty good. Definitely better than the first one. I enjoyed it much more than the two previous seasons of pony as well. Few questions I'd like answers to, but nothing that ruins the movie. All in all I enjoyed it.


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Anyways, all I really want for this movie is it to not be a musical...


... this is a My Little Pony movie. Aren't those all pretty much musicals by default?


Also what's wrong with musicals? :(

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Anyways, all I really want for this movie is it to not be a musical...


... this is a My Little Pony movie. Aren't those all pretty much musicals by default?


Also what's wrong with musicals? :(


The first EqG wasn't. :P


Eh, not really big on the musical episodes like Magical Mystery Cure and Pinkie Pride. Figured if this was like them, it wouldn't be good.

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Just scrolled down to the tl;dr.


I actually enjoyed the first movie myself, but I do admit it was on the light side of things. I wished the season two finale were a movie to flesh it out, and I've been wanting them to go all-out for a rich plot with enough time to make it work and not totally rush it.


I dont know if they did that with RR because it's the same setting and all. Still, it's good to hear you thought it was better than the first.

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