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(originally published 7 October 2014, updated and re-published 30 August 2015, updated and re-published again 25 August 2016)




picked up the new rarities compilation Death Resonance last week. kinda bummed that it makes owning the Beyond the Infinite EP redundant by including all of those tracks, considering I dropped $25 to have it imported from Japan and all, but whatever.


from top to bottom:


- Steelbath Suicide (Century Media 2000 reissue)

- The Chainheart Machine

- A Predator's Portrait (2003 German re-press)

- Natural Born Chaos

- Figure Number Five

- Stabbing the Drama (US limited edition)

- Sworn to a Great Divide (limited edition, if that wasn't obvious)

- The Panic Broadcast

- The Living Infinite

- Beyond the Infinite (B-sides EP released exclusively in Asia)

- The Ride Majestic (limited edition)

- Death Resonance


still missing the live album they released last year, but then I've never been one for live albums anyway. I'd also like to get the 2011 reissue of A Predator's Portrait at some point, if only for that sweet new artwork and owning the bonus track "Asylum Dance" physically (I bought the MP3 of it off Amazon a couple years back).

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only available in Asia and import prices are ridiculously high.


Having spent the past week listening almost exclusively to Boris, I feel your pain.


Nice collection though. Reminds me that I should probably check some of those out at some point. Liked The Living Infinite quite a bit, but haven't listened to anything else by them.

If I'm not mistaken Devin Townsend did vocals on a couple of tracks on Natural Born Chaos, so I might start with that.

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Natural Born Chaos is my second favorite after The Living Infinite, along with The Chainheart Machine. definitely recommend both of those.

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You outta start doing album reviews again.

Nice collection too! I always confuse The Living Infinite with Living Sacrifice's The Infinite Order, lol.

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probably won't. I look back at my old attempts at reviewing and cringe. I'm terrible at describing what I like about music, and even worse at describing it objectively. it also doesn't help that I have 0 musical skill whatsoever and thus don't know a lot of technical terms and concepts.


and thanks. I've got another collection post that should be going up tomorrow, pending the arrival of the final piece in the mail.


you should check out Soilwork, by the way. since you're into melodeath you'd probably enjoy at least their first few records.

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I've listened to some of their stuff, but that was a while ago. Should I start with Natural Born Chaos and The Chainheart Machine?

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I'd say just listen to their first four albums in order, but if I had to narrow it down to just two, then Chainheart and Chaos in that order.


beginning with Figure Number Five they went down a similar path to later In Flames and had a major dip in quality as a result. they sort-of-recovered from that with The Panic Broadcast and then completely rebounded and released their absolute best album with The Living Infinite. that one is easily my favorite, but not one I'd recommend starting with.

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