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When you blog about Tutu, you shall have such an approval stamp.


I need to pick up on continuing Spice and Wolf, though. (Not very far along, but it's definitely interesting so far)

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Not sure why I did not expect a self portrait when I read the entry title in my notifications... but awesome! =D


It's a well-done drawing, and the shading on the nose is spectacular. You're definitely better at portraits than I am. ^^


Was it done with a mirror or a phtograph as reference? :)

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The nose was a bit tricky (mine tends to be shiny), but the hardest part about this was eye location (again) and hair shading (specifically the lighter parts).


I was making faces in the mirror when I decided to take a few pictures with my phone, so I used that as a reference (more still and all).



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Eye location is evil and veeery easy to mess up - even with the use of guidelines. :/

The hair looks good, though!


Ah yes. I see. Though, attempting to draw yourself from a mirror is a fun exercise too, even if the expression ends up as a slightly unsettliong mixture of every face one pulled while looking at oneself.. Gee, now I want to do that again.

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