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Fanfic Ideas



As most of you probably know, I have officially "retired" from writing fanfiction in order to give my real writing career the time and care it deserves (though I may take some time in late 2015/early 2016 to write a couple fics I have ideas for, but that's very far off and not worth talking about at the moment).


Over my fanfic "career," I wrote over 50 epics, short stories, and comedies combined. Not all of them got on BZP; in fact, there were quite a few that I either never finished, never started, or finished but just didn't think were worth posting because of their lack of quality.


So I thought I'd take a little time to write about some fanfic ideas I had, but either never started or never finished. I likely will never write any of them, anyway, so I don't think it's much of a problem to discuss them here.


Let's start:


Title: The Toa Makuta


Fanfic type: Epic


What it was going to be about: Set in an alternate universe where Makuta became the Great Spirit of the MU and killed off all of the good Toa, this epic would have featured a new team of Toa, known as the Toa Makuta, who acted as Teridax's avatars in the MU, squashing rebellions, intimidating potential threats, and generally doing whatever Teridax told them to do.


The members of the Toa Makuta would have been Ahkmou, Gavla, Vican, Vultraz, Kirop, and Radiak and they would have all been Toa of Shadow. The protagonist probably would have been Vican, who would have somehow turned good and betrayed his comrades at some point when he realized how evil they all were. He like would have joined a rebellion against Teridax as the last good Toa in the universe, though whether the rebellion would have succeed or not, I don't know. All I know is that it likely would have been a very dark story (pun unintended).


I actually wrote the first couple hundred words of this epic, but I abandoned it 'cause I was already done with in the End and didn't want to write another Bionicle epic, even though this idea is really cool, in my opinion. If anyone else wants to take a crack at it, feel free to.


Title: Mata Nui Frees the Band


Fanfic type: Comedy


What it was going to be about: Set in the Legendverse, this comedy would be about Mata Nui teaming up with the Toa Inika to save the All-America Rejects from the Piraka.


This fic never got past the idea stage. Though I imagine that if it did, it would have ended with Mata Nui, the AAR, and the Inika using the power of rock to defeat the Piraka.


Title: The Legend of Lightning and Shadow


Fanfic type: Epic


What it was going to be about: This would have been a Shikaverse prequel, focusing on the events of the Kra-Matoran War that happened very early in the Shikaverse's timeline. It would have followed the War from its beginnings all the way to the end, as well as deal with some of the events that happened after the conclusion of the War.


Like Dimension Hoppers, this fic would have been told from two alternating first person narrators to show both sides of the War: Turaga Klio, former Toa of Lightning and leader of the Toa Avha, and Toa Teivel, the (currently deceased) leader of the Shodios (basically a group of evil Toa of Shadow, for those of you unfamiliar with the Shikaverse).


I wrote maybe the first couple of chapters of this fic before abandoning it. Like with The Toa Makuta above, I just felt like I didn't want to write another Bionicle fanfic, even though I think it's a cool idea. Besides, I felt like the Kra-Matoran War had already been sufficiently explored in the other Shikaverse fics and I didn't want to risk the possibility of contradicting what I had already written.


Title: Cracked (working title)


Fanfic type: Comedy


What it was going to be about: Another Legendverse fic, this comedy would have featured Mata Nui teaming up with nearly every single fictional character ever from every conceivable media in an attempt to save the omniverse (sort of like a multiverse full of other multiverses) from an entity known only as Ognomit Ultimatos.


Basically, it was going to be a gigantic crossover with so many characters that even I couldn't keep track of them. It would have also served as the true finale to the Legendverse itself, as it would have explained the strange physics of the Legendverse.


Unlike other the other ideas here, this story got very far into development before I abandoned it. I wrote the first 24,000 words of it, but again, I abandoned it 'cause I wanted to start focusing on my actual writing career. That, and it just didn't feel as good as the other Legendverse fics (not to mention that some of the jokes are not very BZP-appropriate anyway, which meant I would have had to censor it beyond the usual changing swear words and the like).


Title: The Five Eds


Fanfic type: Comedy


What it was going to be about: One of the few non-Bionicle fanfics I planned to write, this comedy would have had Edward Elric, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Edward Cullen (yes, that Edward Cullen) teaming up to save the universe from some kind of threat I never worked out.


Yeah. I'm not sure what I was on when I came up with that one, either.


Title: The Magical Adventures of Agent Coulson and Doge in Tahiti


Fanfic type: Comedy


What it was going to be about: Exactly what the title says: Agent Coulson (from the Marvel Cinematic Universe) would have teamed up with Doge (yes, the Internet meme) to have magical adventures on the island of Tahiti. Pretty self-explanatory.


Unlike The Five Eds, I know exactly what I was on when I came up with this idea (the Internet, obviously). Tragically, this would-be masterpiece never made it past the idea stage. So we'll never get to see Agent Coulson and Doge sucker punch the head of the Illuminati for eating all of their ice cream without their permission.


That's all I can remember for now. Maybe I'll edit this post if I remember anymore.




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I might take a crack at the Toa Makuta concept. I've been trying to come up with something for a new Bionicle Fan-fic, but nothing was sticking. That Idea might just work for me though.

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I might take a crack at the Toa Makuta concept. I've been trying to come up with something for a new Bionicle Fan-fic, but nothing was sticking. That Idea might just work for me though.

Send me a PM when you start posting it. Like I said, I still think it's a cool idea and I'd love to see how other writers handle it.



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