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Two years and 1.8 NaNoWriMos later





The joy of finishing the first draft is surpassed only by the terror of realizing I now have to edit the first draft.


(There's probably something ironic about this being the sequel to a short story that wound up being 20,000 words, but mostly my brain just keeps going back to "108,250 words to edit" and seizing up, so I'll get back to you on that later.)

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Why is there a category for Asian words and non-Asian words? 

This is what happens when you're also studying for the JLPT at the same time as NaNo



Eek! If this is the story I think it is, woohoo! Congrats on that accomplishment!

It almost certainly is! Unless, you know, I had a different story about a certain Makuta that went overly long and set the stage for a much grander sequel.  But I don't think I did.



i hate you

100,000 words of only moderately-edited NaNo coming straight to your door, nerdlord

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