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From: Are You Excited for LEGO Elves?

Black Six


LEGO Elves is one of the few brand new themes coming out in 2015, based off of the minidoll figures first seen in the LEGO Friends line. While ostensibly the sets are marketed at young girls, we all know that LEGO is LEGO and you can buy what you like. The teaser site suggests there will be some story and possibly a TV show, and the sets we've seen in the 2015 catalog have a distinct fantasy feel with lots of new and recolored pieces.


Are you interested in this theme? What aspects are you most excited about? Or are there things you're not really a big fan of that turn you off to it?


Share your thoughts and let us know!


Source: Are You Excited for LEGO Elves?

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Blecch. LEGO Friends itself is a huge stereotype, and most of the people I know don't even touch it, but they had to make it worse? Set design is probably overpriced and cheap, and verall the look of the theme disgusts me.

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