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Kaleidoscope Tekulo



The finale was pretty great. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster, and I love those.


Hiroshi and Asami, oh my gosh. Best story arc in the entire series. Seriously, I loved it so much.


I was kinda surprised there only seemed to be one casualty. Also surprised Milo had an idea. He's been kind of a pill this entire season. Worse than Pascal.


The Spirit Portal has indeed enchanced the value of Republic City's MacGuffen-ness and everyone shall obsess over it forevermore. Woot...


The fight sequences were pretty awesome. Fitting for the finale.


And then there's Korra and Asami. Really mixed feelings about this. I'm glad they were very much hinting that they were dating or at least were going to be dating, but... I can't help but feel like that would have been handled differently if the pairing was heterosexual. You know, like Aang and Katara kising twice, Sokka and Suki kissing, Sokka and Yue kissing, Zuko and Mai kissing, Mako and Korra kissing, Mako and Asami kissing, etc. Or, you know, verbally verifying they had a relationship.


Instead it feels like it's up to speculation, and that people could easily disregard it if they wanted to, which seems odd considering almost every other ship in the series.


I did like that they went that direction, though, that actually makes me really happy. Also, I think it's sweet they were in the same pose as Aang and Katara in Avatar's finale. Also liked that they both ended on the word "perfect"



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You're absolutely right they would have treated it differently had it been a heterosexual relationship.  As it was Nick had to be pushed pretty hard to even allow what they did, and they considered it a 'risk' 


But if you look at the stageplay and framing and etc, or even commentary from the staff--there is no ambiguity.  Those two are 100% together.


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I shared my thoughts on the kiss (or lack thereof) in my own blog entry. Suffice to say that I DON'T think the scene would be better with a kiss. Not that I think the relationship doesn't work, but a kiss without sufficient buildup would have felt rash and impulsive—more like Korra's kiss with Mako midway through Book 1 than like Aang and Katara's kiss at the end of ATLA. And I don't think that'd be true to Korra's character growth.


I'm happy with the ending we got, which unambiguously foreshadows a romantic relationship but doesn't force it before it's ready.


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@Janus - I need to look up their commentary, then. That's so awesome!


@Lyichir - I think I mentioned this above, but maybe I didn't make it as clear as I could have; My issue is that the relationship was just plain treated differently. Kiss or no kiss, it does bother me that they had to keep it so vague. I understand it was something probably out of the creators' hands and that they really couldn't do any more than they did, and I am very happy that they were able to do as much as they did. Even so, I feel like the fact that it was treated differently still shows through on a notable level. It's definitely progress, and I love it, but it's still, to me, a reminder that we're not done yet.


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