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Past, Present, and Future

Shadow Kurahk


Been browsing through old posts and blog entries. I realized how much I've grown since joining BZP. I first joined when I was in just 3rd grade, over 8 years ago...think how young you were in 3rd grade! Yet I was glued to a computer screen, for BZP, among other reasons.


I think back to my childhood and teenage years. So much of my life now is defined by the things I did here. It was through someone I met on BZPower that I first got into web development, which then inexplicably led me to work on KanohiJournal and other projects that let me hone my programming skills. I am now a freshman in college majoring in Computer Science.


It's all just really interesting for me. Looking back through my activity on this site is like seeing myself grow. I haven't been very active at all for the past few years, but I spent a lot of my formative ones on this site.


Cheers to BZP. It's played a bigger part in my life than I ever thought. If I could just get unbanned from the Facebook group...yeah, that's be great. :P


If you're one of the followers of this blog (major points if you still are), or if you're one of my closer friends on here (you know who you are), thanks for everything you contributed to my experience on BZP. After graduating high school, I realized we take friends for granted. So if you're one of the people reading this and we've communicated on this site before, ever, thanks to you. Wish you all the best! Maybe I'll post on here every so often. :)

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Loved working with you on KanohiJournal, as sparse as those interactions were. So, thanks to you, too! 

I wish you luck with everything, I'm sure you'll make some amazing things happen. Just make sure you have fun! :D

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