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Some places, I find, do still have BIONICLE books and comic compilations if you know where to look. Mostly at stores that take used items and library book sales where they want to get rid of old books.

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Wow, a George Lucas biography?

What a cheap joke, you should be ashamed...it's pretty obvious this is about Skipper's Log. It is a modern masterpiece. 

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Brickshelf seems to be down. AGAIN...

But anyway, if this is about Bionicle books (can't tell without the image), that's no surprise. The old Bionicle books didn't cease to exist when the theme ended, and seeing as sales for the books weren't always spectacular, many of those books remained on bookstore shelves. Even those that didn't could still circulate through libraries and used bookstores.

The sets did the same thing, even though eventually markdowns tended to clear them out of stores, and Lego sets are much less likely to remain a complete product after use than books are. Yardsales and Ebay lots still carry the sets of days past, like flotsam in a sea of brick.

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