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Bad Carl



What a year. So many things happened! I'll get to a real recap of the year eventually, but the year decided to throw one more crazy curveball at the last moment.


Last week Nukaya got a call from a job she'd applied for, and they wanted her to come and interview. So she agreed to the interview.


So we booked plane tickets.


To San Diego.


The interview was at LEGOLAND, and we found out this week she got the job. Maddison will be a model builder for LEGOLAND parks, and we'll be moving from the lovely, yet cloudy, Portland to the eternally sunny and also lovely Southern California.


In a month!


We will still be at BricksCascade here in PDX in March, but California beckons.

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And here I thought PDX was it for you. I hope you both end up enjoying your warmer, brighter city. And don't think I won't come stalking after y'all in San Diego sooner or later. ;) I've never been and I've heard great things about it!

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Good thing there's Starbucks all over the country for you to work at. I'm sure that will make the transition easier.


Good luck with the move!

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That's really awesome! I hope your moving and adjusting the area goes well.


I've been living in Southern California for the past 8 years (and, uh, even more southern, not-US california for the other ten). It's really not that sunny all the time! But it really is pretty nice down here. Good luck.

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It's really not that sunny all the time!

I'm currently in Portland, Oregon, where we have an average of 140 sunny days a year, whereas Carlsbad averages 240 sunny days a year. That sounds like all the time to me! :P

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