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There goes 2014. Here comes 2015.


I missed the turn of the year around here due to some bad stuff (family health problems) followed by some good stuff (spending a long weekend with some BZP folks), but I'm back now. In a few weeks I'll be marking my 12th year as a member (even if it's only something like my fifth active one), which continues to be bizarre to think about.


But I'm looking forward to 2015 here! Those prompts people submitted are still coming, no worries - and one or two of them might have something special involved. I still have stories that need editing and posting, and somehow I'm still puttering along in the RPG. (Even if only with one of three characters. :P) I've also got a few other BZP-related projects that I'm looking to show off sooner rather than later - can't talk much at the moment, but I think people will really enjoy them.


And it goes without saying that with Bionicle back, things are going to be picking up around here. I forget if I've made it explicit or not yet, but just in case: I freaking love the 2015 stuff. Do I hope we get a little more depth to the characters and story as it goes on? Of course. But what we've seen so far is a beautiful, charming new take on the series. I told myself I was only going to buy one or two sets, but, well, at least I can say I didn't buy all of them.


So all in all? 2015 on BZP is looking bright.






So, what about 2015 off it?


2014 was a bit of a weird year for me. I graduated college, moved across the country, started full-time work at a big tech company. Started living on my own. Went to BrickCon. Found out my brother was getting married. Got a bit of a depressing preview of what caring for my parents in five or ten years might look like, thanks to a rather nasty nerve injury.


Lots of changes. Lots of new experiences. And, I think, a little bit of understanding.


What I've come to realize over the past year is that the field I'm in, and the job I have, are, for lack of a better term, 'good enough'. I'm fairly good at what I do, it keeps me financially secure, and I certainly don't actively dislike it. But at the same time, I'm starting to understand what I want from my life a little more, and it doesn't quite line up with a 9-to-5 in the tech industry. I want to try other things, do work that isn't just coding and project management and office politics.


This isn't to say I'm going to quit my job next week and move to Timbuktu. (That would be a pretty terrible idea for a number of reasons ranging from "it would screw over my teammates something awful" to "moving cross-country was bad enough, thanks" to "wait, why would I even want to go to Timbuktu".) Honestly, odds are I'll be with my current company for at least a few more years - maybe more if I wind up switching roles and getting to try out new experiences that way. But one of my big goals this year is to start reaching out to other opportunities. Writing, translation, research, education - these are all fields I could see myself in, and if the opportunity comes along to try one of them, I know I'll take a good hard look at it. (The writing one in particular, if we're being honest with ourselves.)


Part of me says I should just shut up and be happy with what I've got. I understand that I have been super lucky in a variety of ways to get where I am today, and that a "good enough" job that pays well is nothing to sneeze at. But one of the things I learned last year was that I'm well overdue to stop looking for excuses not to try things. I made a few decisions to turn down new opportunities; decisions that were, for the most part, fairly logical and safe, and which only wound up making me unhappy for no real gain.


So that's my goal for 2015: start taking risks, start trying things, and start going for happiness a bit more often. It'll be bumpy along the way, and who knows, maybe in five years I'll be back in my office, saying "well that was a horrible idea" (or be desperately looking for an office to say that in.)


But hey, I'm still young. When else am I going to make maybe awful, maybe awesome decisions?

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Normally when people are reckless with their youth, they drink cactus juice and heed advice from giant friendly mushrooms. I think it's really cool you're making goals for yourself. That is indeed important. Best of luck, dude!



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Hey dude, I dont normally post here, but this was really inspirational to me. This past year, while a lot of things have changed in my life, it feels like I've come to a bit of a dead end. I just dont feel like Im going anywhere. good or bad. I think this blog entry has made me realise a lot of its in my hands. 


As for caring for your parents, I know what thats like. My mum has quite a bad illness and its tough. If you ever need someone to talk to, Im always here.

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I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you had to face last year (and those you'll have to face in the future), but I'm inspired to see you optimistic about 2015. I could also rant about the very dry proceedings of the dreaded 9 to 5 as well. But, as you implied, a lot of other people would probably kill to have their lot in life be like yours or mine. Anyway, whatever you have planned, I say go for, or at least, go for planning the thing you should go for.


Best of luck this year!

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