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fruity rumpus nothing



I've been rereading Homestuck these past couple of weeks. It is pretty fun. I am like two or three months behind now or something. I haven't really read anything since it came back from hiatus since I want to read as much as possible in one go. Anyway. Loads of fun.


I've kinda wanted to change my name for a little while but I dunno. I've grown attached to the farmstink, really, so at most I'm probably thinking of changing to something along the same gag. It's a little tough since some of the names in that particular running gag contain borderline or actual profanities. So they wouldn't exactly fly here. I mean maybe something like zoosmell pooplord would, but I'm not all that keen on that one. It's less subdued than the one i have now and a bit out there. I was thinking of going with Karkat (because he's my favorite) since bulgereek nookstain isn't technically profanities. Because aliens. But it's not as iconic as the originals, or half as funny....I'm partial to Jane's barnstench fartface since it's practically farmstink 2.0, but there's practically no way I'm going to type in her garish neon blue. I think I'm illegible enough with this green.




I may just stick with farmstink buttlass. Gotta keep up appearances I guess.

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whatever happened to when you wanted to change your name to walkatrout


here's some ideas, jeff


-andy gibb

-holy kev!

-nice meme


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