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January Updates (Rambling)



Huh, I haven't posted in like a month? Welp, time to lump all my updates into one entry, as I am wont to do.


So, where do I start? My new year's eve was immediately turned into a downer when my mom went to the hospital. She stayed there for a good 2 weeks (she's back home, and healthier than she's felt "since 1998"). From that day til pretty much last week I've been working my mask off in project after project. While this basically means it ate up all of my time I wanted to wisely spend on BS01, it does mean I am happily building up a budget that will help go towards (POSSIBLY) a better server, which means I can possibly bring HS01 back full-time. No promises there yet.


Christmas stuffs, not much happened. I took it upon myself to buy all my own decent gifts; This included all six Toa Masters (I'm keeping it going for ya, Jason), two Protectors (Earth and Water), LoSS, the Double Decker Couch and Bad Cop's new car set. Two of the Toa, LoSS, and the two Lego Movie sets are still in shipping as I type this, but I have four of the Toa already built (Lewa, Pohatu, Gali, Kopaka). I also treated myself to the EMP Museum up in Seattle on a slow day, which means I got to see the Vince Lombardi trophy the Seahawks won last year in person, plus a few other things that made my day. I absolutely love the EMP, it is a wonderful venue, and I look forward to the day when we return to it with even more Lego displays.


Currently debating whether or not to retire this laptop for a touchscreen to get ahead of Windows 10's release, or jus build a new desktop instead and let the laptop ride until summer. If I do the desktop method, I'd want a new monitor and peripherals too, so it'd probably cost the same as a touchscreen laptop. Halp?


Otherwise, not much else big is happening. It occurred to me while writing this that in 2 days I'll have been on BZPower for 12 years. That's an interesting thought; I'm only 27 years old, which means in three years I've have been on BZPower for half my lifetime exactly.


And with all that, I have only one more thing to say: Go Seahawks.

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Also nobody's commented in your blog since November.  :P


I don't know if you should try to "get ahead" of any Windows release; they'll just come out with something cooler and you'll be all "Aw, my stuff is old and decrepid now, even tho I only had it for three months."  I'd go for the new desktop and such, but it depends on how much you rely on more mobile tech like a tablet.  :shrugs:  (I'm also still fairly anti-touch so I'd recomend against that anyway, ignoring your preferences entirely.  :P )


Yay more Toa Masters!



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