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Donating Blood



I know I should say that I like donating blood because it’s a generous thing to do and it saves lives, but honestly I just do it for the free cookies and movie tickets.


The first time I donated blood was several years ago- 2011, I think? Prior to then, it's something I had always wanted to do, but despite how ridiculously easy it is to donate blood, I kept putting it off. Even after my first donation, I didn't donate again until 2014, and still only did three donations total that year. I had no excuse really- the center kept calling me to try and set up appointments, and they (claim they) do need it so what was I waiting for? My school even had a Blood Mobile on the campus that I passed literally every day it was out. It was silly for me to keep putting it off. So, sometime late last year, I arbitrarily vowed that I'd do it more often- call it my new year's resolution if you will. Part of this was inspried by a gift the center sent me- a calendar with my donation days starred on it. I felt bad, and a little embarressed, that they gave this thing despite only having three appointments on it. So after looking at it a few weeks ago, I decided that this is something I would make an effort to do more often.


So yeah, that’s what I did today. I donated blood, and then ate free cookies and accumulated some points to spend on free movie tickets. Specifically I donated platelets, which means that a machine takes blood out me, spins it around to separate platelets from other blood components, then pumps those components back into me. (At least that’s what they tell me they’re doing- I just sort of have to trust them). For those who haven’t done this, it takes a while. The first time I donated platelets it took about 75 minutes. This time, though, it took 119. Fortunately the blood center I go to is well stocked and they provided me with a tablet, with Netflix, to watch movies. It sucks having to watch movies on a six inch screen, but it’s a lot better than staring at a wall for two hours. The film I watched was Fantasia, which I got ten minutes short of finishing. I probably shouldn’t have bothered- Fantasia is one of those films that’s really hard to enjoy when you can’t give it your full concentration (and can’t hear the music that well), and it’s really hard to concentrate when you have a needle stuck in your arm and you have to squeeze a ball the whole time and your body is constantly changing temperature and your mouth and lips keep vibrating. It didn’t help that this time around was actually a little painful, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because this is the first time they’ve taken blood from my right arm? I dunno.


Because of how quickly the body generates platelets, one could potentially schedule one of these visits every two weeks (at least, two weeks is the date they gave me to come back). While this isn’t something I want to do every two weeks (which probably isn’t good for the body anyway), I’d like to make this a once a month thing. Because giving blood saves lives, and it’s a good thing to do.



Okay, fine, it’s because I like free cookies. Don’t judge me.

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I gave blood once and then felt woozy and weak for the rest of the day. Not quite my thing, and they keep sending me emails asking for more even after 8 years.


But then I knew someone in high school who would donate blood and then be nearly faint for the rest of the day... and they kept doing it over and over. So props to you for sticking up to it, cause you're a better person than me!



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I've only donated once, in Highschool at a blood drive organized by the family of a student who was in the hospital. Even with the needle in my arm I would have been able to just take a nap if not for a small pain that I traced to possibly being caused by a slight kink in the line. Tube unkinked I felt fine, though the nurses got mad at me for adjusting it.


So began the rumors that Tomana had told the nurses how to do their job.


Haven't donated since, though, even with a blood-mobile sometimes visiting campus and drives happening fairly often in the student center.


I feel like I need to now.

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I gave blood once and then felt woozy and weak for the rest of the day. Not quite my thing, and they keep sending me emails asking for more even after 8 years.


I have yet to have that experience. The worst post-donation experience I had was this one, and really it only made me feel mildly nauseous and really tired for about two hours afterward. I chock that up to having a small lunch pre-donation. Apparently you're supposed to eat hearty meals beforehand?


@ TMD: Every time I tried to take dancing classes I had a more important class which conflicted. Of course now I don't have that excuse, but I'd rather dance with people my own age and the only classes I know about in the area skew much older than me.


@ Zox: I blame the nurse for at least one discomfort: At the end of the procedure she ripped the tape off my arm without completely bracing the needle.


@ Takulo Tak Tekulo: Do it! (Assuming you can.) I feel like it's one of things everyone should do at least once.


I also must correct my estimate: Looking at my donor history the first time I gave was 2010, not 2011.

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I thought about it until I read that there was a slight chance of nerve damage in your arms if you did that. 


I decided I'd rather have two fully-functioning arms. 

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