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This Week.



So my room mate brought home a Bronchitis/Flu infection from her class last weekend, and I think I may have gotten the Flu portion of it. My symptoms haven't gotten progressively worse since they first sprung up so I'm pretty sure it's just my allergies haha. Speaking of getting worse things, I actually dropped 250$ on a 5th Gen iPod Touch, 32 GB. Yeah, you heard me; 250$ on a piece of out-dated technology. I literally have no idea why I paid that much something so trivial, when I could have easily bought me a new labtop I've been wanting for months.


I was originally was going to buy the 16 GB version, but sadly, they were all out and the Cashier said they only had the one 32 GB iPod left so I caved and bought it without another moments hesitation. After playing around with said overpriced Apple product, I figured having a new mobile device with pretty hefty storage might come in handy on the road or something and I wouldn't make the effort again to get my green backs, back.


So what else went on this week? Oh yeah, I finally got off my butt and got a Neflix account (mainly to watch the upcoming Netflix Marvel series, hehe). I gotta admit, I'm a wee bit disappointed. I thought there was going to be a vast library of TV shows and movies alike, but they only have videos that everyone else mainly watches/whatever's popular at the time. Oh well.



Oh yeah, if anyone cares, I'm going to start reviewing Marvel TV/movies here on my lonesome blog.


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Have to disagree about Netflix. I always hear people complain about their offerings, but over the years they've made available lots of smaller, independent/foriegn films that don't get sent to major theaters, or sometimes films that are too small too even be found at my local library (which boasts a pretty expanisve and up to date collection). They even have a lot of older films available for viewing. Ditto for TV shows. I can always find something on there worth watching. Though I guess it really just depends what you're into.

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5th gen? I still have a 4th gen iTouch. All it's good for these days is playing music. 


why would you ever want to use it for something so pointless as that.

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5th gen? I still have a 4th gen iTouch. All it's good for these days is playing music. 



I'm just using it as a YouTube Viewer, lol.

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