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When I went out shopping yesterday I had three goals:


1.) Buy my sister some ceiling stars

2.) Find her a desktop fountain

3.) Buy an iTunes giftcard.


But when I was strolling through Target I decided to check out the LEGO sections to see if Onua and Gali where there on clearance. Sure enough, they were! There were a decent number of Galis for ten dollars, but I got the very last Onua which was priced at 13. So of course I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. Throwing caution to the wind, I bought it.


I also ended up not buying ceiling stars or an iTunes giftcard because at that point I ran out of money. And I didn't find ny desktop fountains. Oh well.... it was totally worth it. Because Onua is SO COOL. I liked how it felt like a combination of technic and classic BIONICLE, and that's owed entirely to the gear function. The shoulder pads can get in the way of his arms depending on how they're positioned (and the way they're attached is kind of iffy), but that's really my only complaint. (Well, that and the stickers. I just don't like stickers.) He looks big, he looks buff, he looks like Onua. He also has two trans purple bone pieces, but really I'm just glad to add a little more CCBS to my collection. I don't know when I'll be by Target again, but if I get there in time I'll definitely pick up


In other LEGO news, I finished building 10232 Palace Cinema which I recieved as a Christmas gift. I'll probably end up writing a review which if I don't post in LEGO discussion, I'll definitely put it here. In case anyone cared (probably not).


Now excuse me while I go fanboy over my new toy... and my first new BIONICLE set in six years! :br:

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Man, some Targets had some great deals for Onua. I got mine for 17 bucks! Barely a clearance price if you ask me...


But yeah, Onua is a really cool set. I was impressed with him and I expected him to be good in the first place! What impressed me most was the fact that his color scheme actually worked, though he was also just has a really good build and a lot of great parts.


I would recommend picking up Gali next, especially if you can find her on sale again. She's a really great set.

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I actually always liked Onua's color scheme from the beginning. I can see why it would be offputting, but I do think the gold, silver, black and purple work well together. The gold is especially needed to balance out the color when he wears his gold mask, but it works better as just a highlight. I'm not sure if I would want the set to be an assault of big gold plates. I guess if I did have one issue it would be to unify the color of the bone pieces. I think they should have been two colors (preferably trans purple and black) instead of three.


After running him through some rigerous test, I do have issues with the mask falling off too easily. Whether this is an Onua thing or a mask design thing I'm not sure, but I've heard other complaints about his mask so I'm guessing it's the former. It will be interesting to see how Gali compares if I end up getting her.

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I think it's definitely an Onua thing. Out of the seven masks I have his is the only one that I really feel looseness complaints are justified. On. (weird sentence). And yeah, I don't really get why they didn't just make the upper arm bones trans purple? I would think it'd be less efficient to include a part in two different colors when just one would do, but shrug. 

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