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Week Five: Rain



It has rained all weekend and today (I have missed the rain and it reminds me of Portland!). The roof is leaking, but it's only leaking over my desk. Apparently this is an improvement from when they were in a tent on site and every time it rained they would have to sweep all the water out of the tent. I'm really glad I don't have to sweep water out of a tent, and instead just have to move my desk over a few feet and get another bucket when another leak starts.


This is the minifig I use to check in at work, and I did a update to it. My coworkers approve:




My thumb is doing really well. I've apparently set a new bar for worst workplace accident in the last few years, and am on par to the time a giant LEGO building fell off the moving truck when they were transporting it to LEGOLAND.

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You could say you've set a new standard for hard work. Who else works their thumbs off/into holes? :P

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