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Suiting Up Iron Man



He didn't turn out exactly how I would have liked, but a custom torso extending its length and reducing the neck will better match his long arms (which have to be that way if I want the layered CCBS otherwise it won't look like encompassing armor) and fix that.


But I don't think those changes will come before Bricks Cascade, which is a shame because there's a whole super hero theme going on. Luckily I just built another hero which I'll hopefully post quickly.




(Yes it's a terrible photo but it's a WIP so ha.)


I've been itching to use that mask for Iron Man's gold/black armor since October.


-CF :kakama:


Recommended Comments

That sort of reminds me of that skeletal armor. Mark 41 I think? The colors make me think of that one at least


Which one where you going for?

Yup, as TMD said, it's a fairly new armor from the comics (though he's currently wearing all-silver armor). 



...but I really dig how you absolutely nailed the colors. Arms seem a little long, though.

Thanks! and yeah, I mentioned needing to extend the torso to fix that.



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