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Films I'm Stoked For: Tomorrowland



I almost devoted this entry to the news that Frozen 2 was announced and my thoughts on it... but Tomorrowland is coning out soon and it looks awesome. And I've had this in my 'blog drafts' document for a while now and it should have been posted weeks ago.


Anyway, Tomorrowland. Movie trailers have always had issues, but the one that nags at me most is the one where trailers show way too much. Even teasers can have an obnoxious tendency to tell you the whole movie (see: Prometheus). What I love about the trailer for Tomorrowland, and what makes it look really exciting, is that it barely shows you anything. From the teaser we know we have a (probably troubled) female protagonist who is able to be whisked away to a unique setting where “nothing is impossible” and people “have the power to actually change the world.” That’s it. There’s no real plot or story revealed. We don’t even see this fabled ‘Tomorrowland’ beyond a one second glimpse at the end. It’s rare to go into a movie knowing so little about it, and that’s the whole reason I’m excited for it. Now the first trailer for the film is simply a teaser, and the trailers that have been released since have probably spilled more story. But I haven't watched them. For once I want to go into a movie knowing almost nothing.


The intriguing mystery isn't the only good thing Tomorrowland has going for it, it's also directed by Brad Bird. This guy gave us The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille so he’s proven that he knows how to craft a story with great characters and a lot of heart. He also directed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol so he knows his way around live action spectacle as well. I have no idea whether this will lean more toward his Pixar work or MI 4, but I’m hoping it will end up being a combination of the two. And while his writer Damon Lindelof has a slightly, uh, lesser reputation, I’ve enjoyed enough his work (including the aforementioned Prometheus) enough that I won’t write the project off simply because he’s attached to it.


And if that wasn’t enough, it stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie. I mean come on.


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I almost devoted this entry to the news that Frozen 2 was announced




*intensely googles*



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I've only seen the old trailer for Tomorrowland. I can't say I'm stoked for it, but it does look interesting! Seeing as Brad Bird is working on it, I'm getting a little more excited.


As for Frozen's sequel, I'm just thinking "please be good, please be good, please be good..." Disney has done sequels before. Normally the first movie is really good. The second movie's quality plummets drastically. The third one is just okay. Cinderella models this fantastically. But there's now a Live Action version and I have mixed feelings for that right now. I'll report back after I've seen the movie, whenever that'll be. (Can we see more of Anastasia and the baker? Please?)

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