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BIONICLE Mafia: You Have 24 Hours Blogpost

A post for the YH24H mafia idea, fleshing it out a bit.


First Revision

First off, the game may or may not end up as XXIV. Some may contest that, but I will make a bid for XXIV.




The game is over the span of one fictional day, split up into four parts, taking a maximum of NINE rounds. Each of these parts has two rounds, to represent the Morning, the Afternoon, the Evening, and the Night.

In addition, the main method of killing is by poison. This means that those targeted do not drop dead immediately. Instead, they have the chance to vote on their killer. If their killer is lynched, they get the antidote and continue to live. If not, they die. Permanently.



The Good Guys


x16 Matoran: These Matoran do nothing but vote on the killers of their dead friends (or enemies).

x1 Alchemist: The Alchemist is like a Doctor, but isn't. Instead, the Alchemist has access to potions and poisons. They can provide antidotes to the poisoned, and also possesses the only potion known to combat the unknown.

x1 Detective: The Detective investigates people, as always. This person cannot act during the Morning period, but can vote. If they make it to the Evening, they will get promoted and receive a gun to kill anyone with confirmed ties to the Mafia.


(The Detective and Alchemist cannot act because they are on their way to work.)


The Bad Guys


x1 Godfather/Godmother: This person leads the Mafia. They are the one deciding what item will be found at the start of every part of the game. They're very charismatic and convincing, making their votes count double in the Night period. In addition, when they show up to kill you personally, they have all the attributes of all Mafioso who are dead.

x2 Brutes: These brutes are strong and intimidating, able to silence someone and prevent them from voting and acting. Other than that, they're pretty much the generic Mafioso.

x1 Witch Doctor: This person was once the Alchemist's apprentice. Unfortunately, they had a falling out, resulting in the once wide-eyed and idealistic apprentice becoming a dark, cynical, and cliched Witch Doctor, who was soon noticed and hired by the Mafia. They are the second-in-command of the Mafia and without the watchful eye of the Alchemist, is able to modify the poisons they use in such a way that the antidotes cannot cure them, but only when the Witch Doctor is sent to kill. They can also produce antidotes, should any of their fellow Mafioso become poisoned.

x1 Pyrotechnician: This person is in charge of setting explosives, and is really disappointed they don't get to use a flamethrower. To prevent the curse of the pyro, they are NOT a Pyro. They are a pyrotechnician who sets explosives, rather than playing with fire. They are the third-in-command. When they get sent to kill, they do not use poison: they use an explosive. They target two people. One will always die, but the other has a 1/2 chance to survive. The explosive is instantaneous, unlike poison, so it kills outright.


During the Night, thanks to the greater presence of darkness obscuring the village, the Mafia may act twice per night.


The This Things


x1 The New Guy: This person was originally hired by the leader of the Mafia to commit as much destruction as possible. They have since broken into the local armoury and gained as much as they possibly could, giving them a wide arsenal. This allows them to have the choice to kill instantly, kill with a weak poison, or kill with a potent poison.

x1 [REDACTED]: It's said this being is the result of the Alchemist's experimentation. Nobody's ever seen them. Perhaps they even walk among us! Maybe they're affected by time of day... some say they shall come into play when Evening hits.




Now, how does that look? Suggestions welcome. Yes, there are 25 roles there. But... the list can be 0-24. Still goes up to 24, no more, but doesn't disregard 0 like most lists.

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Recommended Comments

Aw, kind of complicated?


Here I was trying to keep it simple.


Might have to do away with the weapon-item system then. Keeping some elements, as in the poison, but that'd be it. It'd be slightly easier to understand without the item/weapons system. Some roles will have to be revised slightly (Alchemist and TNG mostly)


and I forgot to give the Mafia some explosives... which would be timed to explode at the end of whatever period...


Yeah, the item/weapon system just needlessly complicates things. 


Blog entry edited to reflect that, simplifying the game somewhat. Some things that items originally did have gone to roles - much simpler, much easier to understand that way.

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The poisoned should get an extra ability to help find their assassin. Like, they get to pick one member and can instantly tell if they were the culprit or not. Or that their vote counts double too. I mean, ya need to sweeten the deal of getting poisoned, right? :P


(I may have to sign up for this one if it comes around, it's been a while since I played one.)



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I think that would be more than a little OP, as well as redundant thanks to the existence of the Detective.


That does bring up the fact that the poisoned most likely aren't Mafia... although the Mafia does have antidotes by virtue of the Witch Doctor, although if they poisoned themselves they'd need..


If they poison themselves they'd need to kill themselves to survive? No, that won't work... Mafia can pretend to poison one of its members for deceit, in the place of actual poisoning. The Witch Doctor will administer the antidote but appear as the Alchemist in the scene.


Yes, I think that'd work. The Witch Doctor thing, not the 'poisoned know who's guilty' thing.

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This is eerily simular to a thing that me and Doorman were brainstorming the other day.


Pretty interesting haha

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