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Changing my Username.



This isn't exactly a blog entry per-say, but more of a question for any folks that stumble across this: I've noticed some members have just symbols instead of your average letters for their names. For example: "^_^", or "____".

Since it doesn't say in the Community Guidelines about not being able to have such things for your username, or 'doesn't give BZP a bad reputation', would it be acceptable to have a BLANK name without running into trouble with the Admins?


Yes, you read that right. A blank username. I stumbled across my cousin's account today, in which he had basically no username. Since the method involves a special symbol, I'd figure I'd use my name-change to do just that.



Anyways, I'd thought I'd post this here instead of the Help forums. I'll add a correct Blog Entry later on to make up for this one.


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If it requires a special symbol and it is done for something as confusing as a blank name I can't imagine it'll go over very well. I used a complicated symbol on one of my names a couple of years ago and that got admin'd, so I doubt it'd be a great idea.

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Additionally, do not use nonstandard characters, especially in usernames.

From the rules.


So even if you weren't using the special character to make your name nonexistent, the answer would still be no.


You may want to advise your cousin of this too.

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