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Wanted: Location Name Ideas

Inferna Firesword


So I'm trying to set up a plan for a story I'm working on. I've hit a snag, though: I need names for a few locations, and I'm drawing blanks on ideas.


Here's what I need. I need a name for a city, a name for a village, and (possibly) a name for a fortress. I promise I will give you credit if I wind up using your ideas in the final product. :)


Commence the brainstorm!


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Real sounding names, or more fantastical ones?


Fantastical ones: the village of Pareo, the City of Orain, the fortress of Sunadrin.

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Surely you must tell the tale of the mighty Fort Spiritiscool, found in Spiritiscool City, the capital city of the proud nation of Spiritiscoolopia.

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I like to draw inspiration from real life for naming things sometimes. Like, take the name of a real city or village and do research for why it's called that. Named after a language gap, the name of the founder, or even acted a geographic detail of the surrounding land, etc. Then build your world up enough so you have history of the location. It does take some brainstorming though.

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Apparently I can't remember how to quote things on this forum board. As a side note, here are the filler names I've been using:


Fortress: Dorcha (kinda attached to this one, actually)

City: Aonui

Village: Kokiri (definitely need to replace this, if only to stop any ideas that my story is a Bionicle-Legend of Zelda crossover)


@SPIRIT: Gods, they all sound tempting, but I like a little variety in my names. =P


@Zox Tomana: I really like the sound of Pareo! Thanks!


@Dragon11603: I like the sound of Clatis, though I like my placeholder name too ... I might need to just flip a coin to pick between them. =P



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Akanis, Bandin, Canax, Draenis, Evanlen, Fendon, Garahad, Holdiri, Iaern, Jaexi, Karr, Lorannis, Midrealm, Nord, Orenfell, Pardell, Quen, Rimirrindom, Saershire, Taevton, Ulder, Vox, Wilder, Xan, Yaolen, Zan.

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It's not for everyone but why not make it meaningful? Not necessarily as heavy-handed as, say, Ace Attorney or Harry Potter where everything is a goofy pun, but you can put a lot of worldbuilding into your names.


Just a suggestion. Something vague enough that not many people will pick up on it but the people who do will appreciate the little extra thought, or whatever.

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