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Ants. Ants Everywhere. *shudders*

Inferna Firesword


So for the last couple years at WWU (this year and the year before that), I've been living in the same dorm room. This is a problem. Why?


Well, the room I'm in has a reputation for having an insect infestation every spring quarter. My first year here, it was silverfish, though I was fortunate to not have to deal with them. The last two years, the years I've been living in the room of evil?


Carpenter ants.


And not just any carpenter ants. My roommates and I have had to deal with the reproductive-capable males -- aka, the ones with wings.


In a small room. Where they like flying near the light fixtures.


Soo ... yeah. Now you know why I now have a fear of flying insects.


(Rant over guys, sorry.)

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I feel like someone at WWU needs to get that room some professional help.... My first year on campus, the air conditioning for my dorm was...not exactly broken, but it was broken. It chilled the room quite effectively...but didn't removed humidity from the air at all. My roomie and I had to keep the door propped slightly open (even at night, even when one of us was in the shower) in order for our room to stay dry. I think they finally fixed them (not before also having to redo the walls in our bathroom because they got mildewy from the damp) near the end of the year, but yeah... I think your needs more help than ours did.

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@Zox Tomana: Wow, that sounds horrible, though at least you got things fixed. The maintenance guys are considering drilling into the walls to try and spray insecticide onto the colony and take them out, which is a better idea than just spraying it outside and hoping to kill the workers.


@V1P2: I think bedbugs would be easier to exterminate, though.


@SPIRIT: If it is, I think I'm legally allowed to complain to the college about that. My roommates and I were not informed about the millions of roommates that moved in without our prior knowledge.



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No, bedbugs would not be easier to exterminate. If you had bedbugs, they would pretty much have to shut down the whole dorm hall. If they're in one student's dorm, they might as well be in all of them. If investigation showed they were in only one room, yeah, might be easy, but bed bugs are rather notorious in that aspect =/

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ants are awful. look on the bright side, though. your sink probably doesn't take four+ hours to drain because the plumbers won't fix it even after i have put down "yo the sink in this room doesn't drain like at all".

i'd rather take ants over having a sink caked in dirt and grime because the water doesn't drain.

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@Zox: Thank goodness there aren't any reports of them here, then -- though I bet there'd be an immediate response from the college if there was a bedbug infestation. >_>


@Ehksidian: Eww. I think I'd prefer the drain, though: the drain doesn't fly really close to your face when you're trying to deal with it.


@Lucina: D: Sorry!


@Fisher64: That probably sucked.


All of these comments are definitely making me glad that I'll probably live off-campus next year.



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This will not do.


Good sir, obtain a prison for these ants. Be sure it it is made of glass. Fill it with sand. Put as many of those suckers in there as possible. Display them to their commrades and laugh in their faces, LAUGH! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


That'll show 'em. Plus, you know, nifty ant farm, pets that don't require much work, etc.

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