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Vegans: Egg of Udon



I can't believe this movie was two and a half hours long, 'cause it flew right by. Incredible. I love it. I'm just in awe. Gotta see it again just to really absorb everything cause there was so much going on.


I love all the tracking shots. They must have really enjoyed the big New York City tracking shot from the first movie that was so famous, 'cause there's like at least three more in this one and they're all even more ambitious. I desperately need to see those shots again. Just gorgeous.


I loved the Maximoff twins, they're really great characters. I loved that Wakanda featured, love me some Black Panther. Vision was perfect. The scene of Ultron's birth/awakening was incredibly chilling, creeped me out. Natasha and Barton were outstanding. Kinda wish they explored the visions/dreams everyone had a bit more, 'cause there was some really interesting stuff going on (especially Tony's) that I totally get and could extrapolate meaning from (definitely setups for Infinity War) but I knew that anyone who's not an enthusiast would be really kinda lost and felt let down by those crypitc hints being ignored as much as they were. Thor's especially, even I still don't know what was going on there, in terms of his reaction afterwards. Like I said, gotta watch it again to pick up on anything I missed and really enjoy everything properly.


What a thrill ride. Amazing. I don't know how any of us can go watch Ant-Man after this. Everything until Avengers 3 is gonna be a letdown.

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for some reason ultron reminded me a lot of saren and for that reason i was all "i like this robot"



well besides the whole "kill everyone with a meteor" thing


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