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Inferna Firesword


Excuse me as I flail in happiness at the fact one of my favorite games is getting a sequel. xD


(And as I contemplate what potential nastiness will be waiting for the recipients of the Non-Lethal eliminations. How can you one-up the takedowns for Campbell, Burrows, and Delilah?)

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Emily looks SO GOOD, too! Both in terms of "wow that is a gorgeous woman" and "wow she is wearing practical clothing for an assassin that isn't sexualized."


Plus her powers look SO MUCH MORE ELDRITCH than Corvo's, which is so cool

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@Decapix: So, so much. She'll probably be the character I play through the game first with, unless there's an incentive to play as Corvo first. I can't wait~


(I wish they told us when its releasing, though. Also, I wonder if Daud will make a cameo?)

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I'm thinking there's some sort of multiplayer feature, involving Emily and Corvo.


It seems to be a thing now to take solo gameplay and make it somehow co-op or competitive in follow-up games.


©1984-2015 Toaraga EAM

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I'm so pumped for this.


Seriously this has been the only thing at E3 that really excited me.


I want to go sneak past some fools as Emily so bad ahdundisn

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Toaraga: I think I remember reading that it was single-player only, but don't quote me on that. I think I'd prefer it to remain a solo game.


Maes Hughes: This, Destiny, and Battlefront 3 are the only things that interested me, and Dishonored was what really got me pumped. What other powers do you have Emily?


Seriously, though: there goes our little Empress, off to destroy people. xD (Or make their lives miserable.)

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