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Back from vacation. Also, Fire Emblem streams.



I think that title pretty much sums things up, but may as well expand on things. I'm back from vacation! It was nice to get away from things (even if it involved far more travel than I like), but as always, it's over too soon. On the plus side, I now have decent internet again. Back to the grind! (There's also a couple BZP-related projects I hope I can talk more about soon.)


Fire Emblem! Fire Emblem Fates is now out in Japan, and my copy of the game is sitting in a FedEx depot somewhere having just barely missed the cutoff to be delivered this week. Ah well. If tracking is to be believed, it'll be here Monday. And y'all remember that blog entry, right? Seems there was a bit of interest in a stream, so let's get that ball rolling!


Right now I'm aiming to stream around 7 PM PDT on Tuesday. I know that's a bit late, but on Monday I won't be back from work until even later (10+ PDT). Are folks still interested? If so, we can all get together and set up an Avatar together, pick a difficulty, and get playing. Like I said, I won't be livetranslating every little bit, but I'll provide summaries of what's going on. If we manage to get to the decision point, we can make the Hoshido or Nohr choice as well, since the LE has both campaigns (and a third, but that's not playable yet.)


And! This is a few weeks early, but Dai Gyakuten Saiban is coming out in just about two weeks. I'll be streaming that live as well, so if folks are interested in that I'll put up a link then too.


So - feel free to start weighing in on what to do in FE:F below, if you plan on stopping by!


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arggggg I'll be busy all day tuesdayyy (and all that week, for that matter) =(


I'll see if I can catch any of it, but I kinda doubt that I'll be able to. We'll see. =/

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Yeah, I was really hoping to do it this weekend but somehow my order wound up on FedEx economy rather than standard FedEx, so it's just barely going to miss being delivered Friday and then sit in a warehouse all weekend.  Maybe if it's right nearby they'll let me pick it up early, but I've got my doubts.

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Probably! Hitbox and Twitch both have export functions (haven't decided which I'll use this time - probably Twitch since I'm already set up on that.)  Recording the chat is a little trickier. 


Also, though I hate that I even have to say this, I probably should: yes, FEF has some skeevy stuff in it.  No, the stream won't be going into that, since it's all optional.


Anyway, keeping an eye on the package tracking.  If I'm very lucky it might be delivered tomorrow, but that depends on what scheduled flights FedEx has and how much cargo space they have to spare.  Haha nope turns out it's still on the wrong side of the Pacific Ocean.  Sorry folks!

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If I am unable to be there when the stream is live, consider me voting for the Nohr campaign if you make it that far. :P

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