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Bionicle TV Intro idea



For, like, the last several months (and I have NO idea why), I've had ideas hurtling around my head about what G1 as a tv show could look like...one of the strongest ideas is what the main titles would look like (ish).


So, I woke up today, taught myself source film maker, and made this:




Obviously, this is just conceptual...and things are wrong (Nuva and mata all at once, though if you can tell where I got the models you know why)...and imagine that there is actor's names in front of their respective toa...


I actually have no intention of actually using this for anything, I just thought it would be fun to see what it looked like...and, since I made it and saw what It looked like, I saw no reason not to just throw it out there. Aaaaaaand, since it's conceptual and very clearly very low production value, I didn't think it warrented a topic...so, blog poooooost.



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