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Will Trade Real, Swiss-Cheese Vahi for Continued Blogging Rights

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Bionicle Guru


I've come to the realization I am going to miss using this blog. Yes, I know I could stop being stingy with my money and donate to BZP in exchange for continued blogging access, but BZP has gotten my money before (don't say I'm not generous), but I feel personally like my usage of the site needs to be a lot higher in order to get the most bang for my buck. All I want to do is blog, though, and chat with you all about my thoughts on BIONICLE, life, pears, and the universe.


I offer my Vahi that is actually made from Swiss cheese, but I know that may not be enough for some of the higher ups. Perhaps friendly BZP members can start a kickstarter-ish campaign to get me the blogging rights?? Perhaps if enough funds are thrown my way, I'll even reward the site with some new BORNICLE entries on top of re-releasing some classic chapters that are long gone from BZPower. I promise not to go full George Lucas and completely re-write or add superfluous scenes to the already-established story.


Anyway, if I forget to blog again before the weekend is over, remember me, denizens of this strange, new BZPower. And even if I can no longer reach out to you from this blog, I will sporadically stay in character while posting on the forums. And in the end, when BZP celebrates its next anniversary a year from now, I will return again to grace the blog. In the meantime, remember the three virtues: profit, profit, and more profit.


Uh, wait, that doesn't sound quite right! Well, you get my drift. Adieu!

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