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I'm very tired and still catching up on work, so the bullet points:

  • Red-eye flight
  • Rooming with Dina and Bossman, whoo
  • hi dviddy, hi nukaya
  • so many mocs, good lord
  • (I brought exactly 0 mocs)
  • Hello tons of other people (ToaTiome, Xaeraz, Sumiki, Lady K, BRex, ChocolateFrogs, Vezok's Friend... seriously too many to list, if I didn't list you I guarantee it is my fault and not yours)
  • I think we ate dinner? Yeah probably, I was running on two hours of sleep that first day. Oh yeah it was Hinkdinner
  • Completely appropriate group viewings of Mask of Light
  • Public day also known as flash the brick badge and swoop on in
  • More BZPeople, more mocs, more shenanigans
  • LASER TAG (which it turns out I am pretty terrible at but who cares LASER TAG)
  • Lego panels and stuff and then BRICKFAIR AFTER DARK (fun fact: I was carded no fewer than four times and eventually just decided to turn on the blacklight in the moc case in case I needed to prove my license was real)
  • Completely appropriate group playing of Cards Against Humanity
  • guessssss who managed to lock his brick badge inside the hotel room Sunday, here's a hint, it was me
  • final day: yet more BZPeople, more mocs, more laughter
  • last-minute purchase because I figure I should buy something while there. said purchase was lego birds, which was something I did not know existed and was extremely happy to learn of
  • Well, time to say my goodbyes, go to the airport, check in my luggage, go through security, cross the entire airport to get to my gate "they have not been able to repair the plane, so they are sending a new one from Houston" oh
  • THE GOOD NEWS: got to attend the 'fancy' dinner
  • THE BAD NEWS: had to fend for myself for another day with nothing but the clothes on my back, two dead laptops, and a 3DS
  • THE REALLY GOOD NEWS: at like 2 AM they start playing alien conspiracy shows on local TV and it's great
  • day 4 of 3: okay for real check-out and goodbyes
  • this flight didn't get delayed, so that was good
  • it was also like five hours straight so that was not so good
  • landed just in time to, uh, go get dinner with a BZPerson (Cederak)

the moral of the story: brickfair is wonderful, please attend if you can and try not to have your flight essentially cancelled like me


(In all seriousness, I did have a really great time. I got to meet a ton of people who I only knew from online - or not at all! - and there were so many fantastic moments. To be honest, the con was the least interesting part of the thing! I was a bit of a background presence for a lot of folks, I imagine, but hopefully people were glad to meet me as well. Hopefully I can swing it next year as well!)

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I loved hanging with you GSR! I wish I could have bugged you more, but next time perhaps? Just being in your company was very entertaining.

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THE BAD NEWS: had to fend for myself for another day with nothing but the clothes on my back, two dead laptops, and a 3DS


Truly a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.


Travel issues aside, I'm glad you had a good time! I hope to get to meet you in person at one of these conventions, one day!

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