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Left Over BZP BrickFair Shirts

Brappy Hour


Hello friends. I'll spare you the details and what not and list the BZP shirts that are still available to purchase!

The following is the sizes and how many of that size is left.


Medium - 1 <-All Gone


Large - 3 <-All are in the process of negotiation


XL - 2 <-All Gone


To purchase a shirt, please send me a pm. It's first come first served, and I only accept Paypal.


Thanks for reading.


Update: If you haven't gotten a PM yet. That means that the shirt you are looking for is already taken. The Larges however are currently being negotiated.

I apologize if you're disappointed, but that's all I had left, and I won't be making anymore. It's too much of a hassle for me.


Recommended Comments

If no one want the medium in a few days, I'll take that one. I can send the funds with the money I owe you for hotel/food in a week.

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