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RTX Time!



Wow, it's here already! Almost don't even feel ready.. And I'm absolutely exhausted tonight.


Picked up two friends at the airport today and then we went and got our badges. I'm really excited to attend, but at the same time worried about how much I'll enjoy it. And nervous. Never went to anything this big (well... sporting events I guess). It almost seems overwhelming being split between three locations to boot.


But I desperately need this vacation. So I'm staying optimistic it'll be great. :)


Plus, I got in the autograph session I wanted! (Which... Not a fan of how they did it, but I understand the reasoning.) I'll be seeing Geoff and Ryan on Sunday. Hoping to get my Let's Play Live t-shirt signed by them.




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Nice! I'm attending as well.


I won't lie - RTX is a bit if a roller coaster - especially if it's your first time. However, RTX really is a lot if fun and most of all, everyone here is really nice. The Guardians are polite and helpful, and I think that trickles down to the community and attendees. If you ever get lost, just find a Guardian and they should be able to help (without making you feel too dumb).



Maybe we'll run into each at some point. It's always fun to meet more Rooster Teeth fans. :)

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Heh for all I know we did. Hard to know, but would've been cool. :)


The first day was pretty nice. Gonna go do a quick write up on that actually..

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