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RTX: Day One



Had a fairly enjoyable first day I think. :)


Started off with Funhaus (after getting there pretty darn early and waiting around a lot). That panel was absolutely hilarious. Every bit. The opening PowerPoint, the fan comments, Quiplash.. Glad one of my friends pushed to go there. Although I still would've liked to see the RWBY one going on at the same time. I think I'm mostly caught up on what was said there though.


Didn't spend much time on the show floor today. Just too many panels we wanted. Walked around it though and will be revisiting tomorrow, likely buying merch too.


Tried to start Murder at the RTX, but right as we got the front the app sent out an alert letting us know that lines for the room On The Spot was in were starting 2 hours before the panel instead of 1... For some reason. Just that room. So we left.


But I loved On The Spot! It was the #1 thing I wanted to see (it's the only Rooster Teeth content I've gotten my fiancée into so far. We both enjoy watching it together and she made sure to catch the stream of it this week too).


Then we went to Master Pancake's show. Wasn't too into the movie they were doing, Terminator 2, but it still had some good moments.


Now for tomorrow... And what looks to be a very long day.




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