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RTX: Day Two



So today was indeed pretty long. Started off completely exhausted, it didn't ware off until afternoon, and I am again now.


Brief summary... Started with Red vs. Blue panel. Very funny PSA and we saw Episode 17 early. 18 was ultra hyped so can't wait for that.


Went around the show floor more. Bought some shirts in the RT store and some dice. Been getting into D&D, via Skype with friends though, and kinda need my own dice.


Attended the Ten Little Roosters panel. Really cool behind the scenes info out of that. Plus the Eleven Little Roosters announcement! Looks to be really funny. Also managed to get into Murder at the RTX today, but issues with the app prevented us from easily making progress (it literally wouldn't register any of the clues on my friend's iPhone so we had to resort to the QR scanner method and... kinda lost interest fast). But I like the idea behind it still.


Finished the day with Meet the Lazer Team. A lot of clips were shown during that. Plus more cool behind the scenes talk from the main cast. Surprised it didn't fill up right away (there were so many after hours events at the same time tonight though), so we got in when we didn't expect to be able to because Murder had delayed us from lining up. But that was very cool!




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