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Island of the Lost Masks Book Giveaway

Jedi Master J.


Hey, folks. As many of you probably know already, the first Bionicle (Generation 2) Chapter Book was released today.


And well, naturally I thought I should do what I did with the LEGO Movie release on DVD and Blu-Ray last year and host a little giveaway here to celebrate the occasion.


So without further ado, here is what I am giving away today:


- Four copies of LEGO BIONICLE: Chapter Book #1 - Island of the Lost Masks


Note: These books will be delivered to you through Amazon. Also you can pick to be gift the Kindle version, if you don’t want physical book.




1) To enter, all you have do is leave a comment here stating "that I want in on the giveaway" and you will have an entry in it.


2) Please follow all BZPower Rules and Guidelines in your conduct for this.


3) The giveaway winners will be determine by random number generators or pulling a name out of a hat.


4) The entry deadline is August 28th, 2015 at 11:00 PM EST.


5) Post all questions & comments here.




1) Is there a restriction on what BZPower members can enter? Like do they have to be from U.S. or Canada?


I won’t be putting any region restriction. Everyone is welcome to enter.


2) Why are you ship them through Amazon?


It’s just easier that way. That and I won’t have to pay double shipping to send it out to you folks.


3) Does it have to be the physical book? Could I just get Kindle version instead?


As mention above, you can choose to have Kindle version gift to you instead of physical book. I am leaving the choice up to you folks that win a copy.




1) Godhead Makuta Luroka


2) Lucina


3) Obsessionist


4) Dunkleosteus-San


5) Arc


6) Unit#phntk#1


7) AZBlue


8) the ghost of isaac newton


9) ~Shockwave~




11) fisher64


12) Crunchyn


13) Agent Epsilon


14) Korgot


15) Kohaku


16) Vox of Vinheim


17) SkullKid


18) Phantom Terror


19) Danska: Shadow Master


20) Swert


21) Iruini Nuva


22) Nanox


23) Mask Hunter Lewa


24) Professor Turnip


25) Mate.397


26) AbukAdobels


27) Gatanui


28) Iben


29) Xeo


30) admiraltyphoon


31) avmatoran


32) Nescent


33) doodleloot


34) johnny_s


35) Vakama-san


36) Madu Cabolo


37) Dallior: Rahkshi Lord


38) Ektris


39) Terton


40) davidr777


41) Wazdakka


42) Lord Oblivion


43) bionicleFanatic


44) Vrokorta


45) Toa of Gallifrey


46) Barkel


47) takanuva1988


48) Methaxx


49) Toa of Pi


50) Brickobotface


51) Vorik the mask maker


52) GeorgeS.


53) Renzari


54) ToaLugia


55) The Forgotten Chronicler


56) steelviper77


57) Mish


58) Lady Kopaka




60) Liopleurodon


61) Nidhiki of the Shadows


62) ToaKopakaMata


63) MavezIgnikari


64) Kraahlix


65) MrMan289


66) NicholasZireaux


67) CryoGyro






- JMJ 2015

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"that I want in on the giveaway"


It would be awesome to have an original Bionicle book, AFAIK they do not sell them here. Thanks!

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Well, a whole lot of people have entered, and as an RPG fan I know that the odds of randomness are low in my favour, but I'm still going to enter, if no one minds [:P] It would be nice to get a copy of the book, because it would massively enhance the development of Okoto Online Game, which I'm currently working on.


Thanks very much for hosting this, BTW [:)] Always nice when the fans take things into their own hands [:P]

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I loved reading the chapter books during Bionicle's original run, so of course "that I want in on the giveaway".


Thanks so much for hosting this contest!

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