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Rhymes with Bubble



Great things come in pairs. (That's a thing, right?) This year has been a good year for doubles for me. Double Green Lantern sets in January (for this), double Jurassic World helicopters in July (one a gift!), and most recently double San Diego Comic Con Trans-Neon Green Skull Scorpio masks!




Yes, they all looked super-cool at BrickFair (my second convention of the year, but that double might turn into a triple in October), so I checked eBay again and found a great deal on two! (I'll be selling one off eventually.) Doubles, hurrah!


I also got double Ultimate Spider-Man sets for a Superior Spider-Man:




Admittedly, in the comics his chest webbing is black on a red background, but that's purism for you. And the Doctor Octopus lookalike legs need to be dark red, but those tiny details are forgotten about between comic book readings (plus LEGO doesn't make them). I guess TT Games did it better. (Oh, and the sets come with two 2x2 rotor stickers each, and I can use all four!)


Furthermore, I got two of the Ant-Man ants! My manager wanted just the figs, so we worked out a deal on the set and now I have two ants (plus the rest of a full set), which means two pairs of those sweet, sweet bug wings. I've already got some things in mind.

We'll see if anything else catches my eye, twice, the rest of this year.


-CF :kakama:


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i'd be interested in buying the Scorpio mask when the time rolls around, provided that you'd be willing to part with it for something more reasonable than the current state of affairs on eBay.

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I like that usage of the Kal shield on the stand.


Also the ant in the antman set is awesome. I got mine before they fixed the leg issue though, so I'm tempted to get another.

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