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HF RPG Profiles



Heroes -


Player: Dark_Stranger


NAME: Artemus Schadenfreude [Hero]

POWERS/ABILITIES: Artemus is permanently bonded with a psychic parasite which is fused to his endoskeleton. It is visible as patches of spikey growth on his armor, and as two flexible bladed protrusions that completely replace his right forearm. This parasite feeds on the energy emitted by active pain receptors, both its host's and those of anyone else it inflicts pain upon, using this energy to grow. Thus, it requires regular "pruning". His chassis is optimized for melee combat, with emphasis on speed and agility.

WEAPONS: Artemus no longer carries any weapons, relying instead on the natural blades of his "guest". The tentacles are slightly more durable than his normal armor, and end in razor-sharp spines. They seem to grow almost imperceptibly with every wound he suffers or inflicts (in practice, a debilitating injury would result in perhaps half an inch of growth, and lesser wounds would have substantially lesser results).

APPEARANCE: http://www.brickshel...hadenfreude.png

BIO: One of Artemus' first training missions involved extracting a villain from his hidey-hole on a remote, unexplored jungle planetoid. Contact with the team was lost, so no one knows exactly what happened next. Suffice to say that Artemus was the only known survivor, picked up by an emergency extraction team several cycles later with no memory of the mission and a strange life form bonded to his internal systems. The parasite could not be extracted without killing its host, so Artemus simply trained to use the creature as a weapon, and Factory staff are careful to remove any mass it gains after each mission to avoid it supplanting his systems completely.

Despite his rather morbid affliction, Artemus maintains a fairly optimistic viewpoint. While he will not shy away from admitting the bleakness of a situation, he can almost always come up with some sort of silver lining. He is quite extroverted and enjoys any sort of social activity.


NAME: Simon Trigger [Hero]

POWERS/ABILITIES: Simon is a fairly standard model, with the exception of his integrated jetpack. While purely average (and, frankly, a bit clumsy) on the ground, he is incredibly fast, agile, and skilled in the air.

WEAPONS: Simon has his standard forearm plates replaced with two non-conductive, highly durable modular shield units, each of which boasts a triple-barreled blaster configuration mounted underneath. Each has a large main barrel, which deals considerable damage but has a cooldown of about three seconds, and two secondary barrels which fire pellets of pigment that glow brightly under certain visual filters, marking targets for takedown.

APPEARANCE: http://www.brickshel...mon_trigger.png

BIO: Something of a glory-hound, Simon is a hotshot and doesn't care who knows it. Despite his seemingly shallow attitude and big head, he is fully aware of his position of responsibility, and considers aiding others to be his primary duty. feeding his ego is purely a secondary concern.

Player: FallenCor


Name: Erik Jet


Powers and abilities: Overall design was created with agility and stealth in mind, plus night-vision built into the visor of his helmet; as such, reconnaissance/espionage is Jet's forte. Currently training to develop a Baguazhang-esque fighting style to make up for his slight build.


Weapons: A pair of pulsed-energy gauntlets that can shock/stun/paralyze the target on contact.


Appearance: Basic Hero design, albeit a tad scrawnier. Armor is a blackish gray overall, his gauntlets are silver, and his core and eyes are electric blue.


Bio: Jet is a rookie who's only just started taking on missions without a mentor. Being relatively diffident, he tends to keep to himself, but doesn't let that get in the way of carrying out his assignments. Deep down he's a very chipper guy, and amuses himself by slipping in out of nowhere to spook his fellows. He's also quite the bookworm.


Name: Daren Wolfe


Powers and Abilities: Built for strength and endurance. Exceptional marksman with years of experience in various forms of long-range weaponry. HUD-style targeting scanner/sight built into his helmet's visor as a backup in the event of poor visibility.


Weapon(s): Powerless, collapsible, military-grade longbow. Wolfe's quiver can hold up to forty arrows, most of which have one of various tiny devices incorporated into the arrowheads, distinguished by colored fletching (standard, explosive, smoke bomb, tracer, electric and cryonic). Also carries a hefty dagger.


Appearance: Simplified version of the 5.0 upgrade. Large frame covered in lightweight, dark/gunmetal gray armor. Carries his quiver on his back primarily (left shoulder), though can wear it from his waist when shooting from a fixed location. His core, visor and eyes are red.


Bio: Wolfe is a veteran who's been around about as long as Stormer, but is nowhere near as grumpy. On the contrary, Wolfe is very amiable, exceedingly patient, and has a good sense of humor (though he still has his grouchy-old-man moments). He frequently serves as a combat instructor in the Training Sphere.


Player: Ghidora


Hero Name: Ghid Squidulus


Powers and Abilities: This crazy Hero is slightly stronger and very agile. Devices along his body produce a holographic image, allowing him to impersonate anyone his size or larger. He has to have seen the being/item, though. He can also use his right eyepiece as a telescope.


Weapons: Ghid Squidulus carries a three-pointed shield about half his height, which each point being a blade, and can spin this shield effectively. He also carries a tiny dagger.


Appearance: Ghid Squidulus is taller than most, and is of a weak-ish looking design. All white with orange eyes, he wears an Akaku '15.



Ghid Squidulus was designed as a super A.I., but despite his intelligence, he turned out an insane half-wit with a knack for fighting. He can switch from happily chatting away to dead serious and back to a maniacal laugh. Unpredictable in every one sense of the word, The Squid also likes sophisticated clothing and will sometimes makes that or glasses with his holograms. Oh, and he tends to attack opponents from angles most would consider ridiculous, like seriously speaking out nonsense or complimenting on the floor during combat.


Player: Jayne Cobb (SharkyDane)


Name: Dane Hellsend

Powers and Abilities: Heavily armoured, and was generally designed as a tank. He has sacrificed speed for brawn and armour, meaning his abilities have a bit more offensive potential. His first ability is super strength, he can lift about 2 times the weight that normal heroes can. His second is the ability to generate shockwaves in the ground, which is sometimes enough to create fissures.

Weapons: A large battle axe is usually enough for Dane.

Appearance: Much bigger than other heroes, with a head resembling a Vahki head. His arms are armoured up, with one side more so than the other. Almost considered a monster by others. He is blue and grey, with white accents.

Bio: Dane's speciality is soaking up damage and dealing it back out. He is usually shunned by other heroes, but he doesn't care. What he cares about is furfilling his duty. What that is depends on his orders.

That's a hero btw


Player: JiMing


Name: Reyna Pherae

Powers and Abilities: Reyna's armor is specially designed to be even more resistant to flames and high temperatures than that of other heroes. She also has better reaction times than other heroes, though this does not affect the actual speed at which she can move.

Weapon(s): She fights with a regal-looking sword which she wields with grace and power. It can also exhume flames from the the blade, able to light up her melee attacks or fire the flames out like a flamethrower.

Appearance: Reyna's armor is adorned and decorated with blue, gold, white, and red, looking like a classic lord. She also has a flowing blue cape on the back with a red underside, which can quickly be detached at a whim when it becomes impractical or potentially hazardous in the given scenario.

Bio: Reyna was constructed rather recently, and has not been on nearly as many missions as some of the more experienced Heroes. Despite this, she was built to take charge and think tactically when the situation becomes dire, though her ability to do so is offset both by her inexperience and general idealistic nature. However, Reyna spends most of her free time training to fight, so her combat prowess is not lacking, and her determination to bring justice upon the wicked makes her powerful nontheless. When not honing her swordfighting abilities, she prefers watching historical dramas, either by herself or any poor soul willing to sit through them with her, which few would likely be willing to do despite her thoughtful and friendly nature.


Player: Lewa the Soaring Champion (Liuth)


Name: Flare


Powers/Abilities: Specifically designed for situations such as fires in urban and rural areas, he has a major resistance to heat and his enhanced strength is used for smashing down doors.


Weapon: He wields a tool known as the jaws of life. They can cut through metal debris with ease, but they are not suited to combat.


Appearance: His color scheme is composed of tones of black, orange and red. Flare's feet are bright red and his toes are a bright orange in color. The leg armor on his frame is ebony and his red core is locked inside a small cage that can open at will. The torso is the same color as his toes. His shoulder pads are red in color, along with his left hand. However, his right hand stands out from the rest of his arm as it is keetorange. A titanium faceplate covers his mouth and a black visor hides his yellow eyes.


The rest of his head is orange in color, with red flames painted over the top of the head.


Biography: Flare is a firefighting hero who participated in the ordeal of fire by evacuating civilians. The hero was created as a firefighting unit to access areas too dangerous for the civilian firemen to access. He likes to move around and cares about the safety of others, going as far as to risk his own life to save complete strangers. Flare enjoys playing with a frisbee and often spends his time throwing disks at training dummies.


Player: Of Australian Origin...


Name: Saracen Rune.

Powers and Abilities: Special gravity-manipulating capacitors built directly into his armour allow him to fly and hover near silently. Maximum movement speed using these is limited to his body’s own terminal velocity. As such, his armour has been reinforced to withstand these increased speed and pressures, making him more durable than the average hero.

Weapon(s): Saracen’s weapon of choice is a sturdy, powerful rifle that fires precise, high-impact energy bolts across mid-distance. His helmet is equipped with a set of goggles possessing several variations of targeting software – telescopic, thermal, and night vision – to assist in his aiming.

Appearance: Clad in blue and grey, this hero is slightly taller than average, and carries himself with a haughty air of confidence that is more than a little intimidating.

MOC: http://i.imgur.com/ch9Z1wp.png

Bio: Not particularly talkative, Saracen just gets the job done and gets on with his life. He is quiet, calm and efficient, and will carry out his orders to the letter without hesitation. He has little understanding of true ethics or morals, as he’s been brought up to believe that whatever Hero Factory does or asks him to do is the right thing.


Name: Markus Vex.

Powers and Abilities: He possesses the ability to project energy shields of varying sizes and shapes for use as shelter or defence. The bigger, stronger or more complex a shield is, the more focus and energy it takes to maintain it. In addition, gravity generators in his boots allow him to stand comfortably on any surface – horizontally, vertically or diagonally – without fear of falling. These also work in reverse – repelling him away from surfaces to greatly increase his jumping capabilities.

Weapon(s): His primary weapon is a handheld launcher that fires C4 explosive canisters, which stick onto surfaces and can be detonated remotely, or on a timer. They’re designed to serve primarily for armour-piercing purposes, or as breaching charges, made for causing severe localised damage to the target with minimal collateral damage to any one or thing nearby. He also carries a razor-edged combat knife for close quarters.

Appearance: His appearance is fairly standard; his armour is primarily a metallic black in colour, while the decals and accents are orange.

MOC: http://i.imgur.com/X0NhCfe.png

Bio: Another member of the ‘Black Ops’ team, Markus is much more of a people person than most of his companions, such as Striker. Snarky, sarcastic, and possibly a little sadistic, he’s is less interested in doing good, and more so in the thrill he gets from being out in the field.

Player: The Other Other Alex


Name: Kathrine Scarlet


Powers and Abilities: (Main) Kathrine can fly using a variety of inbuilt plasma thrusters all over her body. This ensures that her flight is not limited to a single direction, essentially making her able to maneuver in any direction at will. Additionally, the thrusters can fire bolts of plasma, though this ability is limited to the palms of her hands and bottoms of her feet.(Minor) Kat's frame is lithe, and exceptionally agile.


Weapons: None.


Appearance: iRsaglO.png?1


Bio: A generally rookie hero, Kathrine is no less determined and caring about lives. She's ready to be the best, but her carefree nature and overall cockiness tend to get in the way at times. She's a bit of a show-off, and sometimes plays by her own rules, but generally, she's worth having to watch your back.


Name: John Striker


Powers/Abilities: Night vision capability, enhanced speed, ability to cloak, and become invisible.


Weapons: A mid range energy rifle with a scope, and an energy shotgun for close work. One Combat knife.




Bio: Made to be part of a 'Black ops' team, John does the jobs that most Heroes won't, or can't. He is less..... moral than most Heroes are made to be, able to do what is necessary to complete the job. when not on a mission, he likes to kick back and relax by.... practicing his marksmanship and reviewing old mission logs. Definitely a career bot.

Player: Petewa


Name: Smitty Slink


Powers and Abilities: Strength and girth were reduced in favour of speed and stealth when his design was made. Some may consider this a downside, but he enjoys the advantage that comes with the element of surprise.


Weapon(s): He prefers the use of his hands, but in the case that more is needed, he is equipped with a collapsable Bo-staff, and around five shurikens.


Appearance: Black, gray, and dak red, he is very much ninja based in apearance, with purple being the colour of his core and eyes.


Bio: Smitty Slink is a stealth operative, and as such, he gets to be a ninja for a living, he loves it. Smitty is generally a playful character, but when it comes time to follow orders, he gleefully shuts up and does what he's told. His hobbies include surprising people, especially when they don't like to be surprised, eating bagels, and...doing his job I guess, he loves his job, and when you love your job, it's not a chore, but a privilege and an honour, as well as fun, in his oppinion.


Player: PyroLizard Prime


Name: Jason Ferro


Powers and abilities:

Jason has the ability to generate magnetic fields, allowing him to push or pull metal objects without physically touching them. Due to a... previous incident, he has had inhibitors installed that prevent him from generating more than four at a time, along with a programming block that prevents him from using his abilities on other heroes. His body was designed with a large energy capacity in mind, as his abilities require a good amount of power for frequent use. He is reasonably well armored, and can run at a decent speed. His limbs have been specially designed to resist sudden applications of force, preventing his limbs from being torn off. Retractable spikes have been built into his boots, allowing him to anchor himself to most surfaces.



Jason has an interesting weapon built into both of his forearms, in the form of metal harpoons attached to his wrists via a cord. Through the use of his powers, these can be fired with considerable force and precision. Once latched onto a villain, the harpoons can be electrified, causing the victim to be stunned. In addition, Jason also carries a pair of pistols.



Jason Ferro wears black and purple armor, with a helmet almost completely covering his face. He has the standard body type for a hero.



Jason is an unusual case for a hero, as his body was not always his own. Unbeknownst to him, his body once belonged to a hero known as Marcus Steel. Like Jason, Marcus possessed magnetic powers, however, they were unrestricted, allowing him to do things that no other hero could do. This caused Marcus to gain a superiority complex. After a while, he decided that he should be the one running the show, and attempted to take control of Hero factory. It took every member of Alpha team to bring him down, and several others were killed in the process. After his defeat, Mr. Makuro still wanted to see if a hero with magnetic abilities could work. He ordered Marcus's core to be removed, his memory erased, and a new personality to be created, in addition to the aforementioned power inhibitors. The result was Jason, and he has been serving faithfully ever since. Only Alpha team knows of his previous form.


Jason's personality is normal enough. He has a strong sense of justice, and a desire to help those in need. He is always seeking information, whether it be about the planet he's on, or the history of the villain he's fighting. He enjoys making mid-battle puns, the more cringeworthy, the better. He has a generally friendly disposition, though he is not naive. He enjoys his job, and is always enthusiastic about the prospect of visiting someplace new.


Player: Rylinth Anderfel


Two profiles for me:


A backup Hero for my main:

Name: Alex Drift

Powers and Abilities: Drift is an ace pilot, built to have extremely good reflexes. He doesn't have much in the way of powers besides his piloting skills.

Weapons: Drift carries a standard Hero Factory sidearm (as seen in the "Invasion From Below" sets, a pair of cuffs (no backup since he's just a driver), and a handful of impact grenades.

Bio: Drift is fresh from sim-training and doesn't have much field experience, but put him behind the wheel of anything and he perform better than most veteran heroes. Drift is a typical hero: jovial and open but also aware of his responsibility. He can also be a real jerk sometimes...

Appearance: GalleryFile.png



And my main guy (someone beat me to a hacker =/ ):

Name: Echo

Powers and Abilities: Echo's main role is as a hacker/infiltration specialist and he always carries a few of his favorite flash-drives (loaded with viruses and back-door programs) with him everywhere he goes. Echo can not use technopathy; he is limited to keyboards and wires. He is equipped with echolocation radar which allows him to map out compounds and other areas very quickly, but he can only use it while focusing (so he can't move, attack, etc.) while scanning. He wears light armor and sound dampeners which classifies him as a stealth Hero, even though he isn't equipped with a cloaking device. This means he can't take too many hits in a fight.

Weapons: Echo has a penchant for messy close-ranged melee weapons (chain-saws, serrated talons, etc.), often replacing entire arms. The buzz-saw is his favorite and is his current weapon. He's also outfitted with short-ranged concussion blasters that make use of surrounding sound waves for ammo. Oh yeah, and a pair of cuffs and a limited medical kit, of course.

Bio: Echo is a very useful team member to have owing to the fact that he's mostly memorized the entire Hero Factory database, or at least, the unrestricted parts of it. Unfortunately, he doesn't really talk much and keeps to himself, so his wisdom often goes unheard.


Echo in action!




Was going to join Corpus Rahkshi but 600 pages seems a little... late to just jump in. =/

Player: Some Random Phrase


Name: Marcel Bolt


Powers and Abilities: For starters, Marcel can move incredibly fast and respond accordingly.(Takes up one major slot for speed and one minor for response time) Gravity generators are built into his feet to allow him to cling to any surface(Takes up one major slot), and his chassis is especially oriented towards endurance.

Weapon(s): Fold-out shortswords with blades made of an odd grey metal that is highly resiliant and light that extend from his forearms.


Appearance: Marcel is gold-and-gunmetal. His eyes are covered with a gold visor.


Bio: Marcel moves fast and talks fast to a general degree. He has a disdain for heavier weapons and hardware that slow one down, but he recognizes that team members decked out that way make good support. He has a tendency to be highly impatient, and is arrogant about his speed. He enjoys running and parkour, as well as lots of computer games.


Player: Smudge8


Hero Profile:

Name: Fred Stinger


Powers and Abilities: He has small, retractable, laser blasters in his forearms. Due to certain constraints in his design he cannot use them if he is holding something (In the same hand as the arm the blaster is on). His body is built for agility.


Weapon(s): He carries a large shield and a small sword.


Appearance: MOC: https://c1.staticfli..._bd36454c5c.jpg


Bio: Stinger is a newer hero, but has enough experience not to be considered a rookie. He has learned to be careful but can be a little reckless. He prefers to deal with problems up close. In his spare time he uses the factory's simulators to practice flying spaceships of all kinds, not just Hero Craft.


Location: In route to Tranquis IIV

Player: Timeimageness


Name: Riot

Character Type: Hero

Powers and Abilities: Enhanced Speed, Dexterity, and Durability; Jetpack that allows for short, controlled bursts of flight between periods of automatic recharge.

Weapons: Twin Plasma Cannons - Pulls in particles from the surrounding air and supercharges them before firing condensed slugs of Plasma towards their targets. While lacking in both rate of fire and accuracy at longer distances, they more than make up for it in stopping power and the ability to induce burn damage. Each weapon is capable of expending ten consecutive shots before they overheat, and it usually takes about ten to fifteen seconds for them to cool down in that state.

Appearance: Riot is covered head to toe in red, orange, lime, and dark green armor that fits snugly against his frame. The areas around his shoulders and chest were constructed to be thicker and stand out more in an attempt to draw enemy fire towards the more protected sections of his body, and he also possesses a thinner, transparent layer coating the outside of his Hero Core.

Bio: While Riot has more than enough aptitude and mission experience under his belt to qualify for a leadership position amongst the more decorated Heroes, he prefers to tackle missions solo and likes to ensure that it stays that way by honing his team building skills to the point where they're absolutely abysmal. He has been known to repeatedly break formation, disobey orders on a regular basis in an effort to make the current situation "more interesting," and generally tick people off to the point where they want to attack him themselves, even if they are on the same side.

Despite his flaws, his efforts have produced favorable results more times than he personally cares to recall, which has caused the Hero Recon Team to scout him as a potential member on numerous occasions.

Player: Toa Onaku


Hero Profile:

Name: Daxer Phyrus


Powers and Abilities: Daxer can absorb and utilize kinetic energy at will. He is also has blindsight, a special ability that allows him to see unhindered by darkness or walls. His body was designed to withstand pressure extremes, as well as for enhanced agility.


Weapon(s): Daxer possesses a small energy pistol, an energy rifle, and a couple of daggers, as well as a small energy blade he reserves for emergencies.


Appearance: Daxer has no eyes, and instead sees with his blindsight ability, which arguably makes him see better than if he simply had eyes. His helmet, chest armor, gauntlet armor and lower leg armor are a dark sand blue while all the other armor pieces are a dark purple. His hero core glows a bright blue.


Bio: Daxer was built for special ops missions, but was sent to Tranquis VII due to the high emergency situation on the planet. He tends to have a very no-nonsense attitude, but isn't afraid to laugh at a joke or two when the time is right. His tolerance for fooling around at inappropriate times is very low, how ever, and although he tends not to get truly angry, he can be very harsh worded when irritated.


Hero Profile:

Name: Nimius Ardor

Powers and Abilities:


Blue fire - Can create, control and absorb blue fire, as well as controlling and absorbing any other fire. His flames have the insane potential of reaching up to 1753°C, although if he concentrates enough, he can make them even hotter, with an upper limit of a whopping 3000°C, although a short while of this can completely drain him.


Great strength and endurance - Nimius has higher strength than the average hero, and endurance enough to allow him to last much longer due to a special thermo-nuclear quazadite core created specifically to allow his insane heat resistance potential.

Insane heat resistance - His affiliation with fire means he can withstand heat ranges up to a 3000°C safety mark, and a 3500°C upper limit, which he cannot withstand for very long.

Gear: A fire sword that can channel his power into a flame blade that can reach up to 1500°C

Appearance: Tall and brutish, he wears a black cape made of the same insanely heat-resistant material as Nimius himself.


Bio: Development on Nimius’s special attributes began after the events of Tanker Station 22. By the time when Aldous Witch was apprehended, Nimius had already been assembled, and undertaken a few minor missions to hone his skills. After a near-catastrophic event following Nimius showing the true highly destructive potential of his powers, he was moved to the Omega Team; a team of heroes with powers so highly destructive that they are reserved for extreme circumstances only. After preventing a villain from causing the total annihilation of the galaxy, Nimius was made the leader of Omega Team.

Player: Shard the GemKnight Toa


Name: Azure Stryker, the Sapphire Swordsman.


Powers and Abilities: He emits electricity in either sparks and fields. He’s also heavily armored, but despite this he is also particularly quick and nimble.


Weapon(s): He wields two swords.


Appearance: I believe a MOC image will suffice.


Bio: Azure, the Sapphire Swordsman, was given his title, not because he had Sapphire Swords (he does have two decorative ones just for show, but that’s besides the point), but because to all the villians he has captured ranted about having to fight against a streak of blue and found that extremely annoying. Azure spends his time training alone or talking with other heroes.


Name: Gadget Thompson, HF’s Resident Handyman/Repairman

Powers and Abilities:

  1. He has limited technopathy allowing him to know how to use any interface, the components of the tech, and determine what exactly is wrong with them. He can also use any mechanical device if given enough time to examine it.
  2. He can generate a large force field around himself to protect allies.

Weapon(s): A wrench-shaped hoverboard. He also has tools to repair almost any tech which he carries in a duffel bag. He also has a laser pistol.

Appearance: He has bright red and gray armor, with a red energy shield on his right shoulder and has the claws that protect his core.Here’s a sketch.

Bio: Gadget Thompson developed his affinity for technology as a rookie. Playing the support role, he often stands back to repair communication devices, weapons, or other things of the sort. He does have his moments when he gets his hands on his enemy’s weapon and turns it against them. He helps the Hero Factory development and upgrade team when he’s not hero-ing. He’s sent to Tranquis VII to aid the other Heroes specifically in finishing up the repairs and fine tuning the communication devices on the towers and simply assist the other heroes as best he can.


Name: Ryker Bullet, Leader of the Breach Team


Powers and Abilities:

  1. He can emit magnetic fields that can attract or repel objects to him.

  2. This can also be used to jump higher off of metallic surfaces or climb metallic walls with his bare hands.

  • X-Ray Vision and Night Vision

Weapon(s): He has an SMG and carries various cartridges for reloading. He also has a throwing knife.


Appearance: He wears black and yellow armor and a special googles that allows access to his vision powers. Here’s a picture.

Bio: Ryker Bullet leads a team specialized in breaking into bases and basically shooting the cogs out of any one who tries to resist. He spends his time outside of missions inside of the training simulators.


Player: Unit


Name: Jonathan Splint


Powers and Abilities: Optimized processors give Splint faster reaction time and the ability to make plans and decisions quickly. (Two minor slots) Superdense energy cells let him run for much longer than other Heroes, and allow him to recharge a Hero about to run out. (one major slot)

His body contains generators for nanites. These are designed to repair mechanical systems, and can be transferred to others by touch. In order to make sure he always excess to heal others, the nanites will not repair Splint unless he is near death. (one major slot)


Weapon(s): A rod of nanites. This can be shapeshifted into almost any simple tool, weapon, or object. While one of the most versatile tools ever created, it also has limitations compared to standard tools. It is somewhat weaker than the alloys modern tools are created from(although still plenty strong for most uses), and if it is exposed to extreme electrical, thermal, or magnetic forces, it will enter a "safe mode" and will be locked into its current form for around 30 minutes.


Appearance: A hero of mostly average build and statue, except that he is slightly slimmer than most. His teal and silver armor is incredibly sleek-looking, owing partially to the time he spends polishing it between missions. An emblem similar to the Star of Life (minus the rod) is on his shoulders.


Bio: Splint is a Hero built to be a medic. He travels to other planets as a first responder, arriving before the villains have been neutralized and the normal emergency teams can come in. He is also sent with Hero teams going on dangerous or long-range missions where medical support may not be able to arrive quickly enough. Splint's job means he has a good understanding of mechanical systems, and in his spare time he enjoys tinkering with objects. Most of the devices in his house have been modified or at least disassembled by him at least once.

He dislikes any plan that involves unnecessary risks, and will usually attempt to try and find a safer solution if possible.


Other: Some clarifications - the nanites used in the rod are a different type than the ones Splint generates. If the rod is destroyed somehow, he can't replace it with the generated ones. The healing nanites also take a few minutes to work - they're not Wolverine-style instant healing, and they can't regrow limbs either(though they could reattach a severed one).


Player: ZippyWharrgarbl


Hero Profile

Name: Eloise Thumper


Powers and Abilities: Thumper is a walking tank. She's made for strength and endurance and due to a personal interest, has a lot of skill in hand-to-hand combat, mostly regarding wrestling, boxing, and other such techniques.

She's also heavily armoured, and has a very high tolerance for pain, as she was designed to be able to get up close and personal with villainy, even under heavy fire.

Weapon(s): Thumper is not proficient with blasters, and uses them very rarely, if at all. Instead, she uses either her bare fists/feet or power gloves, which can issue a shockwave when struck against a surface at force.

Appearance: Thumper is physically large and burly, designed for missions where brute force is required. She stands head and shoulders above the average Hero, and is easily wider than one too. She often wears a belt- specifically, a replica of the Champion Belt from the Makuro Wrestling Federation Championships. She considers it training to get used to the real one. Her colours are red, orange and green. Her core, like her eyes, is yellow. She's often wearing a friendly smile and seems genuinely happy to be here.

Here's a terrible MSPaint image of her. Drawn super quick to reflect her colour scheme (an attempt was made at a luchador palette), I'll put up a better picture once it's done/if needed.


Bio: Eloise Thumper is a relatively new Hero. She is not the brightest bulb by a long shot, and is little help for missions of stealth or diplomacy.

Thumper is a genuinely caring, nice person, despite her love of violent sport. Outside of the ring, she does not have a mean bone in her body. She, however, will fight crime to the best of her ability with what she has learned in her matches. She is devoutly loyal to the Hero Factory and forces of good in general.

Her most obvious hobby is various styles of boxing, wrestling, et cetera. She's won a few Newbie League trophies and medals outside of the Hero Factory, though has been warned repeatedly about not taking it above that level, and 'putting on kid gloves' for those she faces. She does tend to be confused about why her fellow Heroes refuse to train with her, though. She does not realise that, after seeing her perform a perfect elbow-drop into a training drone so forcefully that she makes its limbs pop off, they hesitate to put themselves in any situation that involves going up against her. Also, she's terrifyingly aggressive in the ring, like she's another person altogether.

A very by-the-book Hero, she has memorised the Hero handbook from cover to cover and it's one of the few things outside of wrestling that she has almost encyclopaedic knowledge on. She does what she feels is right, and when that's too much of a grey area, she turns to the manual. She is not fond of breaking rules.


She's Dunkan Bulk's biggest fan, and becomes very flustered and shy when in his presence. Other Heroes, she treats with friendliness and respect.

Hero Profile:

Name: Wilbur Flood


Powers and Abilities: Wilbur Flood is designed for aquatic environments. This makes movement on land a little awkward, but in the water, he is a master. He is capable of withstanding great pressure, such as what you'd find at the bottom of the ocean. The lab techs at Hero Factory are trialling a new device with him- a device that absorbs energy attacks (like lasers, but not like rockets or plasma). It works, but unfortunately it results in him being constantly coated in a weird, viscous, clear substance (which is the substance that absorbs the energy attacks). Technically that's good, since attackers would have to touch him to hit him and that's something that most people want to avoid. The slime tends to make surfaces he walks on slippery.


Weapon(s): Flood wields a harpoon and an energy blaster tailored to function underwater, and to be able to be used with webbed fingers. These aren't weapons, but he also carries gloves for when he has to handle things that don't take well to his slime, like electronics. He hates wearing them because they're uncomfortable, so he won't be wearing them unless explicitly stated to be.


Appearance: As mentioned above, Flood is constantly slimy. It's really gross. He is painted shades of blue with bright green eyes and Hero Core, and sports tubes attached to his face that keep water from his vents and interior systems, even in the murkiest of depths. His body type is broad-shouldered and narrow-waisted. Like Thumper, I forgot I had no coloured images of Flood so here he is lovingly rendered in MSPaint.


Bio: Flood is outgoing, polite, and generally well-mannered, though he is considered a bit odd by most. He tries not to let the fact that most ‘bots don't want to be around him get him down. He is a big fan of fantasy fiction, especially that regarding mermaids.

He's loyal to the Hero Factory, though he has some gripes about his slimy condition and the techs' refusal to do anything about it, since the device worked and had saved him more than once.


Player Name: Pumpress Sumira


Name: Nevra Joyū


Powers and Abilities: Can create sonic waves (akin to Power Scream) and is designed for speed and flexibility.


Weapon(s): Twin daggers that look like clock hands.


Appearance: A little shorter and slimmer than the average hero. Midnight blue armour with a pale yellow core and eyes



Bio: Shortly after she was built she suddenly slipped into a 3 day coma. When waking up, she seemed confused on how she got to the medi bay. Upon questioning her about this, she went on about some sort of play and time stopping. Afterwards she changed her last name to Joyū and her weapons into clock hands. In spite of this, she is a friendly girl that won't mind a chat. She enjoys listening to music, especially those in foreign languages.

Villains -


Player: fishers64 (The Game Master)


Name: Fravapois Saran (nickname: Fravi)


Powers, Abilities, & Weapons: Fravi an odd chain of very sharp spikes that go down her back, across the top of her head, and down her face, immunitizing her from control by a brain, since the last one to do so got skewered. The spikes are highly mobile and can bend backwards and forwards as her will allows. She also has a set of sharp-tipped metal wings that allow flight. Aside from this, she carries a large number of throwing knives in her shoes and up her sleeves, and is well-practiced in using them. She also is a skilled and and agile gymnast, and her light weight often makes her nearly silent.


Appearance: Fravi looks surprisingly good for someone with so many spikes. The spikes dangle off the back of her head like Daniella Capricorn's hair and then travel down her back. The spikes on her face have a curve to the ends, making them look like oval gems against her blue colored skin. She is definately more musclebound than Capricorn, and has long ditched the dress for modest gynast jumpsuit tooling.


Bio: Fravi was created as a pleasurebot to amuse citizens on the wretched planet Mechna after a hard day's work. Filled with resentment at her purpose in existance, this bot learned how to throw a knife at her enemies, build herself a pair of wings, and steal a ship. After commiting dozens of murders on countless planets, she ran in with a certain resident evil overlord, who swapped her hair plates for spikes and has largely left her to her wiles. That suits her just fine.


She enjoys playing cards and using that to steal money from other criminals. She also enjoys reading navigation and technical manuals, and is fast acquiring a map of the entire galaxy in her head instead of relying on the computers.


Location: On a certain villain ship, meandering in the Tranquis star system.


* * *

Name: Adam West

Powers, Abilities, & Weapons: Adam possesses great speed and endurance, able to run up to 200 MPH for a few hours. As a downside to this, he has trouble not running around all the time.


He also can fire bursts of antiquaza energy from his hands, although those drain his energy - after about 50 of them he has to go back to base for a recharge.


He is considered too dangerous to be allowed to carry a weapon.


Appearance: Adam West wears all black armor with a glowing red core and glowing red eyes. His face is perpetually set in an entitled sneer.


Bio: Adam West knows of only one person that matters in the universe. Himself. His ego is as large as Makuhero city, second only to his edgy and votaile temper. Is continually restless and moving about, hitting things, breaking things, killing things.


He is the first expieriment in creating villains with the new anti-quaza system. While it has effectively been concluded that less antiquaza should be used in future villain formulations, he is kept around for the sake of amusement. This only feeds his perpetual state of entitlement and rage.


Location: On a certain villain ship, meandering in the Tranquis star system.


* * *


Name: Traferous Diafianous (Also known as Mene Vantal, "The Beast", Tom Dref, et. al.)


Powers, Abilities, & Weapons:

Nature of Form:

Traferous' body is composed of mass modules throughout his form, a set of atomic creatures filled with energy that can transmute any form of mass at the command of his will. His body exists half-way in and halfway out of a pocket dimension, which he can open and close at will. While it is possible for Traferous to retreat entirely to this pocket dimension to avoid death by an explosive or the like, it would cut him off from the galaxy permanently. Likewise, if Traferous took all of his mass out of the pocket dimension, he would likely lose access to it since he would be unable to find it again.


His mind is composed of an energy loop similar to the atomic creatures. This energy loop can move throughout his form at will. As such, he has the following powers:


1. Shapeshifting: Traferous can assume the appearance of anything he knows at will, including increasing and decreasing his size. However, the pocket dimension is only so big, so him becoming a monster the size of a planet is clearly out of the question.


2. Mass absorption/ transmutation: Traferous can transmute or rearrange portions of his form to become any form of mass he knows of, and leave it behind as itself, with no living creatures - it will literally be whatever form of mass he selects. This extends to other objects around him, but he must be in physical contact with the object in question, absorb it into his form, and then change its composition.


He can also absorb other mass and energy into his form without harm, but again, his pocket dimension is only so big. Usually he relies on absorption to regain mass lost by attacks.


In theory, Traf could reassemble himself from a bug-sized piece of matter back to life. However, his mental loop would be damaged if he got too small, so he would rather not risk it.


Weapons: Traf's weapon of choice is kryptonium blasters, and lots of them. He loves explosions. He also normally carries a sword, for gentlemanly duels.


Weaknesses (no metagaming these): Traferous' mind needs a bit of concentration to avoid swirling though his form randomly. Shortly after his transformation, his mind kept going from the pocket dimension and the real world without warning, a traumatic experience that he really tries not to think about.


He is famously terrible with computers and other electronic devices, preferring to leave the management of those to his assistants.


His shapeshifting powers are limited by what he knows how to shapeshift into, and otherwise has an intimate knowledge of. Traf had plenty of time to analyze the form of Mene Vantal. If he tries to copy a Hero that he does not know so closely, a detailed scan will reveal design differences that could rule him as a fake.


Also, absorbing living beings into his form will not necessarily kill them unless he shifts their mind into another form of matter. For this reason, he almost never absorbs living beings into his form, and never absorbs computers, as he considers that too dangerous.


And he does feel pain.


Appearance: Whatever he feels like taking on. However, when he is not in some disguise he prefers a silver titan form that either carries four or five kryptonium blasters or wears a cape.


Bio: Traferous Diafianous used to be an ordinary and highly successful businessman - in fact, as clean as a whistle - until a rogue Hero named Von Ness stopped by his place. Traferous was only too happy to help with the man's experiments regarding black holes, and even volunteered as Von Nebula's first test subject. The black orb staff was born from Traf's hand...only for the citizen to be transformed by the staff's energies into something...other.


At first, the citizen was terrified, doing one experiment after another to try to change back. But eventually, he began to realize that it was not all bad, and that he could enjoy it.


Surprisingly, he has no real beef with the Hero Factory - but he views them as laughably incompetent as the galaxy's protectors, and enjoys toying with them for fun. The galactic conspiracy, on the other hand, wants to arm every planet in the galaxy, and he views that as a threat to his amusement. Alas.


Location: Tranquis VII

Player: Lewa the Soaring Champion (Liuth)


Name: Rock Raider


Powers/Abilities/Weapons: The miner turned villain carries a pickaxe for mining and after the discovery of biodermis, a uncommon ore spread throughout the universe, managed to rebuild his lost arm from the metal. It provides enhanced strength that is localized to the left arm.


Appearance: Rock Raider is humanoid in stature and he has grey legs, but the rest of his torso is black. There is protective gear on his body parts, but his torso is covered by an olive green vest and there is a pair of goggles around his neck with green lenses. His head is protected by a black hardhat. His left arm is turquoise in color.


Biography/Personality: He was an optimistic and hardworking miner as a civilian, but due to an accidental cave in set off by explosives, Rock Raider was trapped and left for dead after a section of the tunnel collapsed and the heroes sent to rescue the civilians were unable to find him. He saw this as an act of leaving him for dead and with his free hand, cut himself free of the rubble and continued working without his arm, believing that he would have his revenge soon.


Location: Makuhero City


Player: Of Australian Orgin...


Villain Profile:

Name: Crowley.

Powers, Abilities, & Weapons: abnormally fast and agile, with stiletto-like claws and jagged teeth, this creature’s only true power is the ability to generate and fire powerful blasts of plasma energy.

Appearance: hunched and haggard, this creature would tower over the average being if it stood up to the full height provided by its digitigrade legs. Its elongated arms end in equally in equally long claws, and its four-jawed face is packed with fangs. A mottled black-green in colour, its body is covered in sinuous, overlapping scales, with its fangs and claws being copper. Despite his bestial visage he is capable of speech, albeit in a crude, susurrating rasp due to his jaws being the incorrect shape to form words properly.

MOC: http://i.imgur.com/Miiam4g.png

Bio: The result of illegal genetic experiments gone horrifically right, this highly intelligent creature was forced to kill its creators when they turned on him. Seeking refuge, he instead found himself constantly hounded by the Hero Factory simply for being who he was. Finally tiring of being on the run, he decided to turn the tables and become the villain everyone already seemed to think he was.




Name: Mr Vyle.

Powers, Abilities, & Weapons: As one would expect of an evil businessman, he carries a cane, which conceals an electrified sword blade. In addition, he carries a pistol-like weapon that fires bolts of fragmenting energy, and he himself has the ability to project detailed holograms.

Appearance: His armoured body is coloured shades of black and crimson. He prides himself on his appearance, doing his utmost to be pristine and immaculate at all times. His face, believed to be damaged or disfigured in some way, is hidden behind a visor.

MOC: http://i.imgur.com/r5plbmE.png

Bio: Corruption comes in many forms. Some slip slowly into the dark, while others blunder in headlong. There are some who are born evil, and some who spend their entire lives wondering where they went wrong. And then, there’s people like Vyle. Originally a businessman on some distant world, he quickly grew bored of the petty squabbling of the politicians and bureaucrats. He wanted something more. Something new and bold and exciting and terrifying, all at once. So he took to a life or crime, and found a new organisation to fight, one that seemed – to him, at least – far more corrupt than any other: Hero Factory.



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