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Unsorted Works

Super Fighting Pahrak


My library is getting a little messy. Most of the stories can also be found linked in one of the collection posts on the side of the screen, but the few standalone pieces seemed to be buried in a wall of text, so this post will serve as a collection for stories that don’t belong in any other collection for your easy sorting pleasure.




-A Mind in Darkness: (Review) One of Turaga Nokama’s Kanohi has gone missing from the Ga-Suva. In order to retrieve it, Vhisola must convince Macku to come along with her, an uneasy alliance at best.

-RoboRiders Re:Start: (Review) When a terrible Virus threatens a world adrift in cyberspace, living weapons known as RoboRiders are created to delete it. But is that all they are? Or does their life have just as much meaning as that of those they protect?

-Out of Bounds: (Review) After hearing of a technology that could prove quite beneficial, Vhisola and Ehrye leave New Atero on a journey towards the Northern Frost.

-Right of Law: (Review) Melding Antroz realizes she must choose between her loyalty to the Great Beings and her commitment to justice, and that either choice will have disastrous fallout.

-Shooting Star Sonia: (Review) A rewrite of the first Mega Man Star Force game with Sonia Strumm/Harp Note as the protagonist. More has changed than who is in the lead, however—how will events unfold, and what new mysteries are there to solve? (OTC)

-Shooting Star Sonia 2: Tribe: (Review) Two years have passed since Sonia destroyed Andromeda, and Earth has been peaceful ever since. But a darkness from the ancient past has been awakened, and Harp Note must once again fight, or else all of society might crumble away to nothing. (OTC)

-Shooting Star Sonia 3: Red Joker: (Review) Earth has advanced rapidly in the year following the failed revival of Mu, but that development has come at a price: ever-rising levels of Noise, which are now being utilized by the nefarious organization known as Dealer. Harp Note has been asked to help WAZA thwart these criminals and control the danger posed by Noise, but it soon becomes apparent that far more is at stake. (OTC)



One Shot:

-Abyssal Obsession: Vhisola fears that a classmate is trying to get between her and Nokama, and takes matters into her own hands.

-Opportunity for Ambition: Mavrah drags Tehutti off to see his latest discovery, but things take an unexpected turn.

-Jumping Off of a Perfectly Fine Gukko: Kongu devises a new trick for the Gukko Force to practice. Orkahm is firmly against it.

-The Retelling: A poem about the parallels between 01 and 06.

-The Blade of Valor: A priestess is called to take up a legendary weapon, and must make her way to Lewa’s temple in order to slay the monster hiding within.

-Broken Kanohi: A style experiment relating the loneliness of a now-useless mask.

-Taking Home a Stray: Lurker is sent to explore Bara Magna, leading to a run-in with a Vorox.

-The Principle of the Thing: Hahli places her trust in an unlikely place.

-Towards No End: A Toa of Plasma, hunting for an ancient artifact, has a run in with a terrifying enemy.

-The Yesterday Jest: A short comedy poking fun at one of the serials. Guess which one.

-Malleable: The Bone Hunters go to trade off their latest captive.

-Pillar and Pedestal: Toa Phoeba is sent to help one of her many troubled comrades.

-An End Escaped: A villager of the Region of Stone desires to take Destiny into his own hands.

-Slizer Mafia 2.8: A prologue for the game Slizer Mafia 3.

-Second Star: After the Toa return to the stars, a new threat arises, and new heroes are chosen to fight it.

-Toa of Fire: Tahu and Tahu meet up after G2's cancellation.

-The Gargoyle Knight: In the Melding Universe, Makuta Antroz struggles to accept the discovery of alternate realities, all while figuring out what to do with an important criminal.

-Detective Jaiya and the Baffling Barrier: A precious artifact is stolen from the Archives, and it's up to an Onu-Matoran detective and his Vahki partner to solve the case.

-Tsukumogami Hunter: Tsukumogami: inanimate objects that have come to life, and display various spiritual powers. The Tea Caddy Order is a secret organization dedicated to finding tsukumogami all over the world, taming them, and keeping the public safe. Unfortunately, their newest member is proving to be a bit of trouble... (OTC)

-Glimpse of Horizons: A wandering warrior comes across a kingdom veiled in eternal darkness. (OTC)


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