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Inferna Firesword




I'll be coming this year. And I won't be alone.


I'm still sorting out the transportation thing, but I think we'll be taking the bus downtown, so we don't need to worry about driving and trying to find parking. Sure, there'll be more walking that way, but that's not as bad as the alternative.


Hmm ... I'll probably wear my Kohrak-Kal shield ring there, and maybe string my bronze Shelek into a necklace so I can bring that along.


Anyone else coming this year?

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I'll be there, along with most of the usual suspects - xccj, Kayru, Based Goomy (you might know him as Razlak? Not sure), Kakaru and of course Roa. Sadly we're missing some of our core group this year; kopakanui and Arpy will be absent.


I think we met briefly back in 2009 or thereabouts? Looking forward to actually talking to you this year!  :P



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I think we went member-hunting with EmperorWhenua one year? =P

I totally remember that now! Good times. So many things have happened at BrickCon over the years it's hard to keep track of it all. :P


Unfortunately Rene won't be joining us either this year to my knowledge.



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