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What We've Discovered About Ekimu



We have discovered that Ekimu is an Evil Vampire.

  1. Ekimu's name starts with E, and has an i. This is shared with the word 'Evil'.
  2. Ekimu's name has an e, m, and i. This is shared with the word 'Vampire'.
  3. Ekimu was resting in a coffin for a very long time.
  4. Ekimu required elemental energy - he feeds on the elemental energy of other beings. He is currently 'discoloured' because he needs more energy, and has manipulated the Toa into giving him elemental energy.
  5. Makuta put his face in the sky to prevent Ekimu leaving his resting place, so that Ekimu may never terrorize Okoto.
  6. The Skull Skeletons are not controlled by Makuta or Ekimu - they answer to the Lord of Skull Spiders, who, conveniently for Ekimu, is not in close proximity.
  7. Makuta is the face in the sky. He has ascended beyond the need for a physical body. The Mask of Control allows him to control Ekimu's sleep... until his control was broken by Ekimu gaining more power from elemental energy.
  8. Most villagers on Okoto have been tricked into basically worshipping Ekimu.

Ekimu is now free to unleash his minions on Okoto... and unleash them, he did...


This is 100% foolproof and anyone that says otherwise is obviously one of Ekimu's minions.

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Many years ago, in a parallel universe...

As the world was still reeling from the Great Cataclysm, Vakama stood on the black shores of the Great Barrier, the golden Vahi in his hands.

"The Mask of Time!" exclaimed Makuta.  "You are a great Mask Maker.  You could have many destinies.  Come, join my brothers and me."

"Very well, but what will the others say?" replied Vakama.

"They will never know.  You and I shall travel to a distant land called Okoto and begin crafting the greatest masks ever made.  We will use their power to rule the island and then the world!"

"Yes... then all shall see my true worth as a leader!" exclaimed Vakama hungrily.  "But I do not want to be known as the Toa who betrayed his friends.  I shall have to change my name.  From now on, I am Ekimu the Deceiver."

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