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long time no see

Taka Nuvia


blog-0275627001444929327.jpgaka I've been terribly inactive around here since the beginning of september


obviously the reason is the same as always: university. At some point I will hopefully learn that if I delay an exam for an entire semester, I might as well take the corresponding course again. Even if I studied a month (aka, september).


Apart from failing said exam, nothing much has happened. Drawn some stuff, worried a bit too much about things I can't change anyway, edged away from most social contacts (including this place) - the usual.


So - what did I miss out on? How's everyone been? :)

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Good to hear from you! I've been kinda busy too, with grad school and teaching, but aside from stress things haven't been too bad.


If you find yourself with some time, we do have an Art Contest going on.

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