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Costume Time!



blog-0090145001445562759.jpgHelp! I can't choose what costumes to wear for Halloween celebrations!


I'll be wearing one on Saturday for a Halloween LEGO event, and then I'll need two costumes for BrickFair public hours next week.


I've got three options: Eleventh Doctor, Indiana Jones, and Jayne Cobb. Jayne works best for Saturday because I know I'll be more comfortable in a t-shirt. It works best overall because I have a trimmed/maintained beard, but I'll ignore that feature for the other two. But the Eleventh is also easy because I can forgo the tweed jacket if bodyheat/internal temperature rises. But Indiana Jones is fun too, though I no longer have the whip. So I feel like the Doctor and Jayne costumes are more favorable for the events. Beard and all.


Still, it's a tough choice. What do I want to cosplay right now?


-CF :kakama:


Recommended Comments


I think Spirit meant all three at once.


Ha! Hmm...


Jayne's hat underneath Indy's fedora, bowtie and suspenders beneath Indy's jacket, and Sonic Screwdriver and Nerf gun.


Find the best quotations from the three and find ways to mix them into recognizable somethings that can identify the three, and create a punny/mixed name for the cosplay abomination brilliance!





It won't even be your final form.

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